Why you should always troll online


Kids, I blog to you today with this fine quote from a very fine man indeed.  This philosophy about life (contained in the above quote) makes very good sense in the real world.  Treating other people well, giving to them, sharing with them, its all awesome.  It makes them feel good, it makes you feel good, it enriches your life.

Bill Clinton was recently interviewed by Stephen Colbert who asked why does Bill spend so much time traveling and trying to start organizations and raise awareness and keep trying to change the world and improve peoples life?  Why doesn’t he just fuckin relax and play some golf like a normal retired old person and play with his shitloads of money and go on crazy vacations and shit?  Bill’s answer: because he’s selfish.  Doing good and helping people makes him feel good.  People are stoked as hell when they meet an ex president and they go crazy and love it.  That makes him feel good.  So you see, even if you’re just doing it to be selfish, being a good person in real life just fucking makes sense, because it makes you feel good!  Being selfless and selfish are pretty much the same thing.

However, I feel the same does not apply to the online world.  If I were to make my own quote in the online world, it would go like this:

When I troll, I feel good.  That’s my religion.

Really, this uptight oversensitivity in the SC2 and Dota 2 communities where people jump to cry “bm”, its beyond stupid.  Mannering up is fucking boring.

When you troll, you add value to the interaction.  Here are a bunch of quiet nerds trying to waste time on a game and you’re challenging their values and beliefs, you’re getting an actual response out of them instead of just quietly watching them play out their boring builds and strats.

When you troll, the game is different every time.  You’re playing the person, not the game.  It’s a whole game within the game, pissing people off, seeing what their reaction will be to whatever you come up with.  It’s creative.  Its challenging.

This is my last post about it I swear, but crying about manners is the worst.  As Arnold Schwarzenegger said in his 6 Rules of Success: “Break the Rules.”  Piss people off.  Challenge them.  Makes life more interesting.


The big slam that removed KingRaven from the map


KingRaven, seen here shortly before getting permanently small son’d

Kids, it’s time to address the elephant in the room, and I’m not talking about that fat chick you’re dating.  I’m talking about KingRaven. who recently deleted his stream and every Dotally Rad post and YouTube video of him.  Sure, he’s done this plenty of times before, but then it was just to act like a big baby and get attention.  This time, it’s different.

Some big nerds have been going after him relentlessly trying to do all kinds of Wikileaks moves (kids these days) such as posting his name and college attended.   To be fair, KR has spent most of his online life flaming and attacking people, so its not surprising he’s amassed a crew of haters who stalk him just to fuck with his shit.  Their favorite thing to do is upload vids of him using hate speech such as “faggot”, “nigger”, “gook”, “chink” etc..   Raven lives in constant fear of his two worlds colliding, and with his online behavior linked to real life and he’ll suffer the repercussions such as losing his job or some shit.

Logic dictates the kid could just stop being a massive racist online and calm down and keep doing his thing on the stream and they would have nothing to post.  He might actually grow as a person and embrace the positive change that is not acting like a bigot.  Plus, most people just like hanging out in his stream and aren’t even haters.  Also, the kid has clearly never been bullied before (or learned how to deal with it).  You just ignore the kids and they go away instead of making a huge deal about it and getting upset (what they want).

Welp instead of doing what logic dictates, here’s what Raven’s doing.  Right now the kid is on like a 15 game per day binge just being a dumb nerd and feeling sorry for himself.   Raven logic: “Dota’s fucking up my life.  Let me delete my stream and play 5x as much of it.”  LOL good solution.

R.I.P KingRaven.  Stay easy kid, and for fuck sakes, uninstall.  You’re not any good.  (and if you don’t, then start streaming again)

The Cable Companies are a fucking joke

Here’s my experience and I’m not making up the numbers.
You go to the website. It says “35$ for internet and tv, sign up now!”
Aight that sound pretty good, so you click that shit.
Enter your zip code.
“Actually, it’s 65$ for that package in your area.”
Really? You’re an asshole, but ok, I’ll pay it. Click that shit.
Next page. “By the way, you need a cable box, that’s another 30$ a month. You wanted HD? That’s another 10 for the HD box.”
Wow. Next page. “You wanted the DVR? It’s another 30 a month.”
What consumer clicks on the 35$ at the beginning, ends up at $135, and doesn’t feel like they’ve been fucked right up the ass? Even if you go minimum option on everything you end up at 95$ when they fucking advertised 35$.
This is just more proof that the cable companies are a monopoly and a terribly inefficient joke. No way else could you get such a shitty product at such a ridiculous price with such a blatant disregard for customer satisfaction or intelligence.
Because face it. There’s 2 cable companies in your area. They both fucking suck and if you want that shit you have to go with one of them and get fucked either way. Can’t wait till google fiber expands more and knocks these idiots out of the game. Fuck off time warner and AT&T.


Starcraft 2 is a laughably horrible piece of software

I  just felt like some more complaining, so here is my experience with the game:lolguyfromgladiator

  1. You can’t pick US west or US east server.  Is the difference between 70ms and 200ms delay important to you?  Then you actually have to go to Windows Resource Monitor, Network Activity, and keep checking the IP of your game when you host until it lands on 12.129 for us west or 12.130 for us east.
  2. You can’t rejoin a game if you drop.  What is this, 1995 and we’re playing Warcraft 2 on dialup modems again?  Nope, its Starcraft 2 and you can’t rejoin a game if you get dropped, but yes, you get to wait for 60 seconds on the “waiting for players” screen to see if they will come back.  THEY NEVER COME BACK.  LOL CLASSIC.  What a piece of crap.
  3. Software updater crashes EVERY TIME.  Every time I load SC2 it checks for updates and promptly crashes.  The only way to actually get into the game is for me to spamclick the launch button before the updater realizes its a piece of dogshit software and wants to crash.  LOL.  And you were thinking the us west/us east was the only MacGeiver bullshit we were going to have to pull to get this thing to be a functional gaming platform?
  4. Finagling shit to get a game started.  If you actually want to play team matchmaking you need to remake your party a few times and have your friends reconnect to SC2 a few times because it just never seems to work the first time.  People don’t see the invite, etc.  This software is just terrible.

PPD sent to the double d dumpster

So PPD’s comments on the rumors of Black^ joining EG were -


As you can see, the tone implies PPD thinks Black^ is no good.

Do you think you’re good PPD? This is what Raven had to say about that kid:



My personal comment: Please stop being a fat virgin nerd before you talk PPD, thanks.

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