Starcraft 2 players do nothing but cry about bad manners

So I started playing this map called Zealot Hockey.  No offense to Dota 2 but that shit was old news and not challenging anymore. I had previously made it a small mission in my life to prove that calm logic and charisma beat out angry, insolent Aspergers any day of the week.  Since right now I’m casually sitting at 4800 after playing once every 3 weeks, randoming every game, and not caring, while Ravens fights for his life every game in the 4200 bracket, I’m gonna go ahead say “Mission Accomplished, son”.  The kid’s just not any good.  So I went and installed the big game SC2 4 years after it’s release.

I drop into this custom map Zealot Hockey, which is actually quite fun.  Its dynamic, creative, challenging, and 20 games into it there are still tricks to learn.  But even better than smashing at this game is taking kids out of their box and their comfort zone and making them mad as fuck while you drop the big slam on them.

Let me explain.  Basically in this game, if you’re good, when you’re on  a 1 on 1 breakaway with the keeper, there’s a 80% chance you’re going to score.  Till someone pauses the game real quick and then unpauses, throwing off your rhythm.  That’s a completely new element to the game that I brought in, many years after these idiots have been grinding it for a living, trying their same old moves like broken tapes.  INNOVATION AT IT’S FINEST.  Yet somehow I’m a bad guy for doing it… (CONTINUE READING…)

Mercedes Benz always totes “Special Offers”, but is full of shit.

Lets take a peek here:

Currently (as of July 24rd)

August of last year, 2013 (

This special ends Sept 3rd.

April, 12th (

This special offer ends “April 30th”

Looking at the ‘Special Offer’, it seems like there is always a promotional event on the website, but the prices for this certain car, their best selling, the C_class, actually never are lowered. The event always happen to end at a certain time in the near future, which would make one assume that prices will raise again. This is a cute marketing ploy: create artifical pressure, as if they’re getting a sale price, so the customer will be soon to act.

Truth is, the sales special doesn’t really exist, at all.

Nice marketing tactic, Mercedes.

My Issue With The New BMWs

Everyone here knows I’m a large BMW enthusiast. However, I’m tired of the new trend with BMW cheapening down their cars. Lets take an interior shot of my ’08 335i.

Look at how solid this was built. The thing had lots of leather and woods. The new 3-series has hardly any of this, and it feels like cheap plastic.

First off, this is a huge tease. The regular interior looks nothing like this. It’s very cheap, with no red lines, no nice steering wheel, no nice seats. All this costs a lot more than the base. There is no wood; if you want wood, you don’t get any in the right spots, like by the clutch or around the cup holders. It’s replaced with plastic, not metal. That metals looks nice, but it’s cheap plastic. The old-3 had wood here.

The Germans are reserving the big dog items for the 5-series and above. I’m quite angry about this, because if you buy a 4-series, which still starts in the mid 40s, you’re not getting very much for your money, whereas the old 3 would still feel like a great car. I drove the 435ix, 235im,228i, 428i, 335i sedan 328i, 640i and 640i gran coupe.

Also, based on observation, the new 3-series is depreciating super fast. You can buy a well-loaded 320i, the cheapest model, from BMW in the low 40s. However, you can get a used one off carmax for 32 – the model is but a year old as of this writing, and has tanked roughly 20-25%. A decently loaded 4-series will cost under 40k on carmax, too. These things are literally dropping in price.

I’d say the car is fun to drive, but it feels so much cheaper than previous incarnations.

Moving along


I’ve been thinking, since no one writes for this site, we need to move it along. Daggius is all but retired, and I’ve spoke with Moon about using it as his think pad.

So, I’m going to move this blog away from MOBAs into a realm of me just writing about what comes to my mind, and issues pertaining to. It’ll mostly focus a lot on gaming, but other musing I have.

I think I’ve been pretty open with the audience that watches, and I think most of you guys do enjoy the site, the stream and the videos, so I figured I need to bring this site back, and slowly move it away from a misogynistic shitstain, to more of a reasonable place with reasonable thoughts.

That said, I want to leave you with this:


You are not arteezy

You can pick PA mid, or naga mid.

But you’re not 1/3 his solo skill, so you will not get the same utility out of the hero.

You can go his exact items.

But he is leagues above your farming skills, so it’s pointless for you towaste your time.

You copy his exact builds verbatum.

But you will not get the same amount of utility out of each skill as he does.

You can do everything he does to a tee, item build, pick a hero, to a certain lane.

But the truth is, you are not nearly as good as he is, so you will most likely flop and feed.

Stop picking the same shit pros do. You’re not pro. You never will be playing at that level – you’re not cool or sneaky because you pick PA mid. Go away.

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