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Investigative Reporting: Language in DotA 2

Our researchers here at DRD have been hard at working bringing you this new, fast-breaking story. Away from the usual prosaic, pointless junk we post, this one has a lot of original research.

Upon further inspection, this does not look like English, so why do these morons keep queuing up English? Much like Asian gangs, these players never come as one. They come in teams of 2 or 4, just spamming their native language, annoying you. Sure, we know, it’s important you communicate in your native language, but also enjoy alienating over half your team. Wonder why you’re not winning the game? Because the moment you open your mouth, everyone has already muted you.

Tiers of nationality disgust:

1). Peruvians
2). BR
3). Russians
4). Chinese Stacks

In Europe, they don’t know how good they have it. You see, Russians aren’t nearly as bad BRs or Peruvians. However, the main difference is, you usually lose Russian games because of their attitudes, and the latter are just really untalented scumbags. People from South America have some blase outlook on DotA; they’re there just for the fun and lmaos. I always picture some darker-skinned, 18 year old kid in some slum suburb around Lima gaming with a large, shit-eating grin on his face, furiously pounding and speaking in non-English. This is before they go the local rave with their pals, with their loose shoestrings, baggy pants and messy hair, and then they get mugged.

You may have sensed some type of bigotry, and that’s because there is only one language, and that’s English. You’re only allowed to use German in BMW car manuals.

7 ^ y is a cheater and stacker

This guy is a very low level 5900 player.

Each game, he will language abuse and have someone on the other team toss for him. You will notice this guy is 5700, and someone will always feed him.

A few things of interest: in each case I’ve faced this player, each time his profile has been private, and the other person’s profile has been private. The person begins with feeding first blood. Everyone on the other team thinks it’s normal. From there, the is the other person just keeps feeding over and over, and he wins a few mmr.

Match ID: 594764837

Any other games I have with this clown will be uploaded

KingRaven and Moon, under DRD tags, dismantle Merlini in front of 6000+, Drop 2 DRs for him.

Match ID: 580971869

It was big

KingRaven announced as Head of Game Balance for Dota 2

As you all probably know Valve recently hired KingRaven as the Head of Game Balance this week, replacing that dogshit nerd IceFrog. There’s no question that IceFrog is a small son and had no idea what the hell he was doing when it came to game balance, and it is widely accepted that KingRaven is probably the best man to sort out the game’s shit heap balance.

KingRaven had this to say on the matter: ‘N’aix and Timbersaw what hard heroes. Say goodbye to weasel dota little kids.’

Currently there is some worry about how drastic the changes might end up being. Former pro player and dota analyst Ben ‘Merlini’ Wu said ‘I know there is a concern among pro players that every single hero in the game other than Sand King, Earthshaker and Shadow Fiend will end up with zero base armor within a few patches, which could be a problem. I just hope he doesn’t nerf Boots of Travel.’

Below are KingRaven’s current 6.81 patch notes, which are still subject to change. Expect more to be added as KingRaven shits them out.



  • Bonus ms from Battle Hunger removed.

Bounty Hunter

  • Track duration reduced from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.
  • Shadow walk mana cost increased.
  • Shadow walk cooldown increased.


  • Bristleback mana costs on Q/W increased by 10.


  • Broodmother removed from ranked play.


  • Clockwerk base armor reduced from 2 to 0.
  • Clockwerk cogs duration rescales from 5/6/7/8 to 5/5/5/5.
  • Clockwerk base move speed reduced from 315 to 295.
  • Clockwerk aghanims upgrade now reduces cooldown to 30 seconds rather than 12.
  • Clockwerk ultimate no longer goes through BKB.

Ember Spirit

  • Sleight of Fist damage bonus rescaled to 8/16/24/32.
  • Sleight of Fist cooldown increased by 3 seconds on all levels.
  • Base movespeed reduced from 310 to 285.
  • Fire Remnants will disappear when Ember Spirit dies.
  • Base armor reduced from 1 to zero.

Legion Commander

  • Legion Commander can gain a maximum of 200 damage from won duels.
  • Duel no longer disables evasion.


  • Lich base movespeed reduced from 315 to 275.


  • Lifestealer removed from ranked play.
  • Lifestealer base movespeed reduced from 315 to 285.


  • Mirana ultimate rescaled from 15/15/15 duration to 8/12/15.
  • Mirana ultimate buff is removed on attack.
  • Mirana leap level 1 reduced to 300 range and no bonus ms.
  • Mirana leap no longer disjoints.

Natures Prophet

  • Treants now have 0% magic resistance.
  • Teleportation spell now shares cooldown with teleport scroll.


  • Puck’s phase shift now costs 35 mana.


  • Suiciding with rot now gives nearby enemies experience.


  • Rubick ultimate range reduced to 550.
  • All of Rubick’s abilities’ debuffed by 25%.

Shadow Fiend

  • Presence of the Dark Lord armor reduction increased to 5/6/7/8.

Skywrath Mage

  • Strength increased.
  • Armor increased.


  • Slark removed from ranked play.
  • Dark pact doesn’t remove certain debuffs (e.g. pudge ulti).
  • Pounce rescaled to deal 120 damage at level 4.
  • Dark pact and pounce mana costs increased.
  • Slark ult duration reduced to 3 seconds.
  • Slark ult mana cost increased from 120 to 300.
  • Slark ult regeneration removed.
  • Slark given less strength or armor or something.

Storm Spirit

  • Mana cost on ultimate increased from 1% to 10%.
  • Overload rescaled to deal 10/30/50/70 damage.


  • Damage to non-hero units from Terroblade illusions reduced.


  • Timbersaw base armor reduced from zero to zero.
  • Timbersaw agility gain reduced to 0.0.


  • Time Lapse no longer removes dust.
  • Base damage reduced by 7.



  • Only intelligence heroes may buy dagon.
  • Sentry wards now cost 150 gold.
  • Auras removed from Necronomicon units.



  • Added 24 hour bans for anyone who disconnects once during a match.
  • Building regeneration re-added to ranged barracks.
  • Tower gold bounty reduced.
  • Trees removed from radiant bottom and dire top lanes.
  • Illusion damage reduced.
  • Buybacks are now limited to 2 per game.


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