Official DotallyRad channel on Brass City

Sup guys, just launched this new website where you can create/join chatrooms, watch livestreams, and make some bets (fun, no real money involved). Essentially the KingRaven bot on steroids. Use it to bet against your friends or scrubs when you’re watching some Dota tournament or something.

Head over here for the official DotallyRad channel:

The website is brand new so it’s a bit shit since it’s the first version, but I’ll be working really hard to make it better with time.

Leave a comment here tell me your usernames on Brass and I’ll make you mods in the channel. As a mod you can host bets within the channel. Later on you’ll be able to change what’s embedded as well. I’ll also give you free coins for shits and giggles, but the balances restores itself for free after some time anyway.

See ya guys!

PS: KingRaven plz strim

mops and the knife factory

I want to share a gem called CS:GO betting that isn’t as popular with gamers of other genres, or to the people who know & simply don’t care enough. Before I start I just want to say I’ve missed some people here like daggius, god bless the owner of DRD, and sometimes KingRaven.


If you happen to know me you’ve stayed around DRD for too long and might need a life ASAP. But anyways I used to type my verbal diarrhea here 3-4~ years back

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and after slaying the #1 spot in DRD posts by a 30k views lead you may be wondering “has mops retired with all that ad money?” the answer is no.


I found my home in CS:GO after HoN died, I didn’t want to switch to the emo game we all know as DotA2, nor LoL because fuck weaboos honestly, while going about my days of owning noobs in CS I managed to start betting, gambling and even working for some of those sites which has now landed me a decent collection of internet pixels which are valued around $60-300~ each (210 knives + countless rifles valued around $53,000 total) that I want to share (only for viewing & bragging purposes).


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in case you were curious kids

None of you are still any good at this game as I approach 5k again.

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