Top 5 Heroes in HoN

A great new feature on the HoN website is Hero Usage Stats, which records a summary of hero usage for the last seven days.  This can give you an idea of what the “best” and “worst” heroes are, and which are most popular.  Here are some recent trends:

Best Heroes by Win %

  1. Plague Rider: 59.1%
  2. Sand Wraith: 58.7%
  3. Pestilence: 57.3%
  4. Tempest: 55.8%
  5. Demented Shaman: 54.4%

No surprises here; we already know these heroes dominate.  You could make a great lineup just by grabbing these five heroes in an AP game (Plague solo mid, Tempest jungle/Pest lane, Demented Shaman/Sand Wraith lane).  Jeraziah comes in a close sixth with a 54.2% win rate.

Worst Heroes by Loss %

  1. Devourer: 58.5%
  2. Dark Lady: 55.9%
  3. Pandamonium: 55.0%
  4. Armadon: 54.9%
  5. Succubus: 54.9%

This makes sense because Dark Lady and Pandamonium are some of the hardest heroes to play, and contribute very little to the team early game.  They are by no means impossible to play though; when you’re good, you’re good, and top ten player chu` has gone 28-0 so far with Pandamonium, according to his player stats (holy shit).

As for Devourer and Succubus, these heroes make sense as well, since they are highly prone to error (hooking the wrong thing, sleeping someone at the wrong time or having your own team go right to sleep from attacking the slept guy while he escapes in the meantime).  And of course people like to pick Devourer when they are going to mess around anyways.

Most Popular Heroes by Pick %

  1. Scout: 4.4%
  2. Witch Slayer: 3.7%
  3. Puppet Master: 3.2%
  4. Pestilence: 3.2%
  5. Arachna: 3.1%

No surprises here either.  Scout is an Easy Mode favorite, while Witch Hunter is new and fun to play.  Puppet Master, Pestilence, and Arachna are proven heroes that win games.  Where are Jeraziah and Tempest?  BD mode means that these typical first picks are almost always banned and are therefore getting played much less.

Least Popular Heroes by Pick %

  1. Ophelia: 0.5%
  2. Soul Reaper: 0.9%
  3. Hellbringer: 0.9%
  4. Defiler: 1.0%
  5. Armaddon: 1.0%

Ophelia is obvious since it requires a lot of micro (read: effort) to use several creeps at the same time, while Armaddon, Defiler, and Hellbringer are just considered by most to be pretty boring to play.  Soul Reaper is a surprise since I think it’s pretty fun and gets to killsteal a lot.

Remember, a large portion of these stats are taken from trashy EM games that are massed daily, but even so, they still give us some great info about the state of the game.

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    • Zixt says:

      Love it, thanks for sharing this. As a stats geek, i think this is great to look at and would love to see it updated, maybe filtering out Noob Only and EM games.

    • FrutiLoopZ says:

      Pandamonium is NOT one of the hardest heroes to play, he is one of the easiest… every attack stuns, ROFL… Devourer on the other side is the hardest hero to play, correctly… thats why he is on the top of worst heroes by loss. think about it..

    • daggius says:

      Pandamonium is hard to play because of Cannonball. People miss this ability a large % of the time and then are stuck in the ground in a bad place. Flurry also takes some skill to use since you have to be facing in the right direction to use it.
      Any heroes where you have to land an AOE spell like Torturer, Soulstealer, or Deadwood are difficult to play since every time you use one of these abilities there is a chance you will miss it. The other side of the spectrum is something like Andromeda’s stun, which will hit the target every time unless you clicked the wrong thing or they blink. When you are talking about good players then yeah, landing a few SS razes or Cannonballs is no problem. But for the average Hon player it is difficult. If you look at the hero usage stats now (they have changed a lot since the original post), Pyromancer has one of the highest loss rates. Think about it; how many times have you seen a Pyromancer miss his stun, his dragon fire ability, or both?

    • Anonymous says:

      Devourer is the hardest hero in HoN.

    • F says:

      Witch hunter is not new – he’s Lion, Demon Witch from DotA.

    • blah says:

      Yea…. Hooking is harder than activate puzzle box, King’s gripping, minotaur stunning, ophelia’s wrath and judgementing, catman stomping, and ice ogre armoring all at the same time. Let’s analyze this:

      Pudge: q + shift + w + r (devourer hooking, disease cloud, eating). Oh, activate phase boots after he’s doing devouring and you’ve finished your coffee. Other variants? not many.

      Ophelia: q + shift + w + shift + a (wrath, judgement, attack) + 2 (minotaur group) + tab + q (if you got more than one minotaur/catman, repeat this as many times as u need) + q + 3 (skeleton group) + q + 5 (blue ogre group) + q What other variants? using vulture’s ability, using vagabond ability (i bet most people don’t even know what the vagabond leader does) activate heal, activate tablet of command, activate astrolabe, use codex and many other micro intensive variants. “But hooking is hard!!!!” yea? and getting minotaurs who are up to 3x slower in movement speed (creeps dont have boots no they dont) into position to stun is much much much much much easier right?

      Why do people say “ophelia sucks” “ophelia isn’t hardest hero to use” and other things without even actually using her? Most people don’t even know what vulture cyclone does or what the blue ogre does.

      Yea.. devourer is the hardest to play (rolls eyes)

    • Hell Yeah! says:

      Armadon? worst ?


    The DRD Insult Generator says:

    + 7 = 15