HoN Pandamonium Hero Guide


Starting Attributes

Str – 23 + 2.7 per lvl (primary attribute)

Agi – 17 + 1.7 per lvl

Int – 15 + 1.8 per lvl

Damage – 45-60

Range – 100 (melee)

Armor – 5.38

Movement Speed – 295




Pandamonium unleashes devastating physical attacks on all opponents in front of him, pushing them, along with himself, in the direction he faces.

Deals Physical damage equal to one attack with +15 / 25 / 35 / 45% base damage to targets infront of self. Self and targets are pushed forward 100 units.

Each use of this ability consumes 1 charge. 1 charge is restored every 4 seconds. Maximum of 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 charges.

Type – Physical

Range – 100 (melee)

Radius – 150

Mana Cost – 30

Flurry is a pretty awesome skill, it’s an alternative to auto attacking, it adds a % of your base damage to a cleave AOE in front of Pandamonium.  It also partially “stuns” units because they are pushed back from Pandamonium.  You gain 1 “attack” each level it’s leveled up and it’s also very useful for farming.



Placing his enemies where he sees fit, Pandamonium flicks a target foe into the air, causing them to land behind him. Upon landing, the target foe is slowed and has reduced armor.

Throws target unit behind self. Upon landing, applies Flicked to target for 6 seconds.

Flicked Effects

-2 / -4 / -6 / -8 Armor
Reduces movement speed by 20 / 30 / 40 / 50% initially, recovering to full speed over 6 seconds.

Type – Physical

Cast Range – 350

Cast Time – 0.7 seconds

Mana Cost – 65

Cooldown – 24/22/20/18 seconds

Flick is a good initiation skill if cannon ball is on cooldown.  It’s an easily landed spell with free -armor and %slow (dependent on level) which can throw a target unit behind you which can be beneficial to throw a unit into an AOE area (Glacial Downpour, Elemental Void, Smoke Bomb, Chronofield etc.)


Cannon Ball

Pandamonium throws himself into the air, damaging all nearby enemies when he lands. Any enemies he lands on are stunned. If he doesn’t have any enemies to soften his fall, he gets stuck in the ground temporarily.

Throw self toward target location over 0.95 seconds. Upon landing, damages enemies in a 200 radius for 100 / 175 / 250 / 325 Physical damage and stuns them for 0.75 / 1.25 / 1.75 / 2.25 seconds.

Stuns self for 1.5 seconds if no enemies in a 200 radius are hit.

Type – Physical

Radius – 200

Mana Cost – 100

Cooldown – 14 seconds

Cannon ball is such a fun spell, great for intiation or escaping over cliffs/across trees etc.  However if you do not hit an enemy unit (Neutrals, heroes, creeps etc.) your hero will get “stuck” in the ground for 1.5 seconds so make sure you use it wisely.


Face Smash

Pandamonium beats a target enemy unit senseless, disabling it while he unleashes four extra-powerful attacks on it over several seconds.

Applies Face Smash to target for the duration of the channel. Deals one attack every second over the duration, for a total of 4 attacks.

Each attack deals +30 / 70 / 120% base damage.

Face Smash Effects


Type – Physical

Range – 100 (melee)

Channeling Time – 0.5 seconds

Mana Cost – 100/175/250

Cooldown – 120/100/80 seconds

This ultimate makes 1v1’s pretty easy in combination with the other ultimates, it’s pretty awesome.  It’s based off your damage though so if you have kaput damage then don’t expect too much.  Great thing is that it keeps heroes revealed that could normally go invis so eat your heart out at invis heroes!


Skill Build

1. Flick

2. Cannon Ball

3-5. Flurry

6. Face Smash

7. Flurry

8-10. Cannon Ball

11. Face Smash

12-14. Flick

15. Attribute Bonus

16. Face Smash

17-25. Attribute Bonus


Item Recommendations


This is entirely preferential, however I would advise against treads since you want more DPS then attack speed, plus it is neglect able.  If you are going to gank a lot as panda I would advise to go Enhanced Marchers for the extra quick boost and to run through creeps.  If you are going to go for a carry build I suggest to get Post Haste to maximize your farming potential while still being able to TP to a team fight in order to help up & get kills.

Nullstone is a great pick-up for Panda due to his ultimate being channeling to cancel some single target disables as well as adding some much needed mana regeneration and stats for Panda.

Since all of his spells are physically based damaged Daemonic Breastplate is a great pickup reducing the armor of the enemies not only making your auto attacking do more damage but as well as your spells

Mock of Brilliance is an absurdly good item on Pandamonium, since all of his spells are pretty much disables this allows the “burn” aura to actively help DPS the opposition that you are facing.  This item & Face Smash is such a good combination, however if you are not able to farm it fast I’d advise to get it as a 4th or 5th item.


Early Game

Early laning phase is highly dependent on your opposition & lane partners.  If you are solo I would suggest playing passive aggressive, in which if you can last hit a creep with Cannon Ball, or Flurry against melee heroes while damaging the hero, do so.  This also holds true in a dual lane if another melee is coming to last hit, use Flurry to your advantage as well as Flick and Cannon Ball.  If you have another slower or disabler in your lane then play really aggressively, chase heroes away from the  creep wave to not only ensure that they are denied gold from killing, but also XP from when the creep dies, regardless denied or not.  If you are against a strong disabler lane as well (Hammerthrow/Pyro, Magmus/Forsaken Archer etc.) then you should still play aggressively but be aware of your oppositions health, mana and recently cast spells, for instance if Magmus just casted his stun on creeps in an attempt to farm that would be a good time to initiate on him.  Always remember that it is more important that a hero dies as opposed to who gets the kill.

Middle Game

If you are farming to carry then continue doing so, but remember that if you do not have Post Haste to carry around a Teleport so that you can help your allies defend and pick up kills, you should be using the “static” creep wave strategy near a tower in order to maximize the likeliness of a gank against you to have allies TP to your aid, or to take down as many heroes with you as possible.  If you are ganking as Panda a simple tip.  Wards cost 200 gold, a hero kill usually is over 200 gold.  Do the math.  Not only do wards help control runes but allows your carry hero that is farming to see if any potential ganks are heading his way, it also allows for more counter ganking on your teams part.  Panda should not be solo ganking, rather have at leasat another ally that can DPS or slow or disable with him, because his ultimate is channeling it is easily disruptable by any disable by the opposition.

Late Game

By now you should be the main tank or initiator of your team.  It is your job to solely focus out the hero that can do the most damage, whether it be a carry such as Night Hound or Chronos, or an essential part of their team, like Magmus or Tempest in team fights.  By now regardless if you went carry or ganking style of Pandamonium you should be hunting as many heroes down as possible.  There’s only so much farming creeps can do, and it is more beneficial if you stay with your team allowing for better pushes if a teamfight  go in your favor or even a few heroes are killed and you are able to push because they are an essential part to the oppositions team overall.  Remember to Flurry as much as you can because your base damage should be substantial now as well it is a partial disable.

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    • iflee says:

      took me like 20 minutes overall nt including video upload time lewl

    • eh says:

      Not that great of a guide. Why is frostburn listed as hack and slash if this was posted on the 6th? It’s an alright item for him but there is much better. Panda should be built around strength items. Frostbrand by itself isn’t bad but axe of the malphi only costs 700 more gold and after you get axes you’re pretty much guaranteed to finish behe heart within the next 5-10 minutes easy as panda just gets even beefier from strength boosts. Marchers are the best boots but the stats on steamboots does make them viable. Mock is pretty pro as a luxury item but not a core item. Runed axe is alright but not even needed panda can farm a whole creep wave or neutral creep in a flurry spam anyways if he gets +str items. You should put bottle on there as it’s practically needed for early mid game ganking as well as a fortified bracer or 2.

      • Shout says:

        Just get +damage, you wont need AS because all your damage will come from flurry, cannon ball and your ulti and AS wont increase the damage there, +damage will.
        So first get Ghost Marchers, not Steam boots(+24ddmg is much better then + 10 and 25 AS. And u get more MS and an active MS boost)

        After Ghost Marchers, Get Runed Axe, either get Sustainer first if you need the HP regen, or the 1400g and 1200g dmg items if your dominating your lane.

        When you’re done with Runed Axe the next item should be Shield Breaker. Nice DMG and – armor buff.

        Now your damage will be so high you can kill most heroes just spamming ur abilities and they will not be able to cast a single spell or strike a single blow.

        Just use your spells like this: Flick, Cannon ball, 4xFlurry, Ultimate, And then more flurries if needed.
        (Use Flick b4 Cannon ball to decrease armor to get max dmg out of your Cannon ball and the other spells, also it will be easing aiming your cannon ball while the target is slowed)

        And if you haven’t won yet, get a behemoths heart and you’ll be invurnerable too ;).

        This is how I build panda in 3v3 and 2v2. And panda is a great 2v2,3v3 hero and he benefits alot from easy mode.

        The best panda counter is Zephyr. You simply wont win against Zeph. And Accursed will probably pwn you aswell.

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    • wavewarruir says:

      ummmm aren’t u guys forgetting something important? Like the best item on panda “SHRUNKEN HEAD” magic immunity so u can just run in and combo their carry to death +str +dmg.

    • Joakim says:

      Lol damn noob guide imo.
      I would never set cannon ball in start, always start with flurry, flick, flurry, cannon ball, ultim flurry, cb, cb, cb, ulti, flick, flick, flick, stats ulti, stats etc etc…
      Then u always start with pretenders crown, lodgers hatchet and 1 hp pot and 1 runes of blight.
      u will do around 100 dmg on lv 1 with LH. and with flurry around 130 on creeps. u get so fast farm this way. then u get a bracer, ghost marchers and chalice, chalice is gr8 so u can always combo, or run away with stun.
      After this get a fucking shrunken, so u r unstoppable. and after that heart or shieldbraeker. after these free items u cant get killed and then add daemonic just to become immortal.

      shit, dont make a fucking guide if u cant play the hero-.-

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    • deadswe says:

      Bad guide, very bad skill build, bad items choice, you have to max out flick 1st for your ulti +8 armor ! then you have to get 1 point in canon ball whenever you want and max out 1st spell 2nd, then canon ulti and stat.
      I usually go panda carry/tank build which is the best for this hero.
      You have to get either power supply of blood chalice (depends on type of player) then steamboots str, insanitarius, frostburn, shunkren (optional depends on team compo) demonic breastplate and if needed i include a nulstone in between,

      This is how you have to play panda,

      Bad post

    • kupret says:

      Shrunken head it’s important you know.Nice skill build,with that,in lvl 4 or 5 you can start to hunt.

    • the jak says:


    • the jak says:

      Nice skill build.I do great with that Guide!!.I kill lot of people!!.

    • koplok says:

      Nice skill build.I do great with that Guide!!.I kill lot of people!!.

    • suram people says:

      Stupid item.I said pandamonium doesn’t need that nullstone and radiance.With mask brown colour ( i don’t now what it’s name ) you kil lot’s of things.
      I said the item is :
      1 ghost machers
      2 brown mask
      3 Shrunken head
      4 bf
      5 desolator
      6 Behemot/savage mace.
      And for the kurias.. Panda playing use skill not hit and panda skill it’s physical damage.you don’t need to buy kurias,it’s very expensife and it’s not important for panda…
      Love jakarta,panda,hon

    • sempakgue says:

      not bad guide..

    • MaxGarin says:

      Dont forget you guys need insanitirious, insanitirious is the core item of panda.

      Yg maen hon indo ni char gw “archnewerth”

    • Carinne says:

      Siblings are great deacyed plant material once for allmemories I believe!

    • scrabble help…

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    • Crowbar says:


    • JJ says:

      max cannon ball first is way easier to play.. use flick and cannon ball.. since flick depend more on dmg… so late game is more preferable. cannon ball does not need any angle to shoot. Some noob just use cannon ball infront of enemies.. sure they can avoid. give a surprise att to them or combo with ur teammate. my cannon ball miss rate almost 0% now.

    • moonmadcusbad says:

      get a life nerd wasting time writing something ppl wont see xD no lifer fag IFAG lol IFLEE IS IFAG XD


    The DRD Insult Generator says:

    + 4 = 8