DotA Item Guide – Ethereal Blade

Ethereal Blade

+ 40 Agility
+ 10 Strength
+ 10 Intelligence

Ether Blast (Active)
Mana cost: 50
Cooldown: 35

Upon targeting an enemy hero, both your hero and the target get banished for 3 seconds. Target takes 2.5x your Agi in magic damage and is slowed by 30% for 3 seconds.

Note: Shares cooldown with Ghost Scepter


Finally we see another item other than Butterfly or the old Mjollnir (now using a hyperstone) for which a hero can use Eaglehorn for.  Has a decent nuke to it for any carry hero which may otherwise be rendered useless BY a ghost staff, IE Phantom Assassin, Troll Warlord and other right-clickers.

Recipe (5260 Gold):

Ghost Staff (1500 Gold)

Eaglehorn (3300 Gold)

+ + =

Circle of Nobility (185 Gold) + Slippers of Agility (150 Gold) + Recipe for Wraith Band (125 Gold) = Wraith Band (460 Gold)



So a new item in which Eaglehorn has been thrust into and at initial look, raises some eyebrows.  It banishes your hero as well as the target of the item and slowing them AS WELL as dealing 2.5x your Agi, phew.  Now this may seem contradictory to the role of “carry hero” as WTF I can’t attack, or can’t attack the other hero etc., but it actually is a decent item if you think about it.  Like I already stated, for those heroes who can only dish out physical damage all you would need is a Ghost Staff and you would be able to laugh and dance around those heroes while they just cry.  Now with this addition if you are ALREADY ghost staffed and they cast the ability to do 2.5x Agi to you, banishment deals an addition 40% which at the latter portion of the game, could potentially be a shit load of damage.


Ether Blast Concept:

Not much to it, you target a hero and it applies banishment to both your hero and the target.  However it slows down the opponent for 3 seconds as well as applies 2.5x your AGI to the target in damage, so with this item alone it deals 100 damage alone, might not seem like a lot but add on your own hero stats & other items and you’ll be able to pack a wallop.


Heroes to get it on

Now before I start I just want to state that really, this is viable on ANY hero, but this list of heroes benefit from it even more and I’ll give a short explanation as to why.

Nerubian Assassin

Banish a hero and do damage, Impale, Mana Burn, Vendetta, 60 dmg per Urna Swarm Beetle.  Do I really need to continue?

Moon Rider

Banish & Eclipse = lolwat?  It’s a shame her aura isn’t a percentage based aura anymore but nonetheless the added stats are very beneficial to her sub-par stats.


Can you imagine? Adaptive Strike already destroys if you are pumping all AGI for stats but Ethereal Blade as well? Yeah. Expect rape.


Drow Ranger & Viper

You might question why but hear me out, if you didn’t know then this will blow your friggin mind.  You can orb walk while banished, plain and simple.  So therefore even though you are banished even though you cannot target the hero that also is banished you can focus on someone else in team fights! Phenomenal

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    • Anonymous says:

      NA cant hit while unit is banished.
      Drow & Viper cant hit the enemy when he is banished.

      :| fail

      • daggius says:

        Nerubian assassin does most of his damage thru Mana Burn, Impale, Vendetta (which he uses to initiate, before he would have uses Ethereal Blade), and Dagon), not by attacking unless you go for some item build like Stygian Desolator which you wouldn’t mix with this anyways. So it’s great on him.

        Drow and Viper can attack while banished by using their orb spells (not autocasted)

        Nice fail yourself noob

      • iFlee says:

        Read pubbius’ post

        Also I stated that you can’t target the hero that you banished pub which is also why i stated u can focus other heroes


        • daggius says:

          heh publics

          • hchow says:

            o btw, the combo would be windwalk atck -vendetta atck -impale -dagon -manaburn -ethereal blade -then chase impale again, but usually it would kill cuz ethereal blade help the impale cooldown faster, but usually it would kill and u dont really need windwalk, but it would dish out even more damage if u time it right wit vendetta. its all jus combos, but if u get ethereal, more damage ftw

    • Anonymous says:

      Just like drow or viper shou’dn,t it work on bone as well ?

      • iFlee says:

        Yes but Clinkz does not have the HP to withstand 40% increment on magic damage whereas Drow can silence and Viper at least has an innate magic reduction as is, which is why I did not include clinkz. Had his ultimate not been changed to add HP (and not that much by the way) instead of healing him, I would have added him

    • dk|white_cloud says:

      Good Info. Thanks!

    • Jast402 says:

      Woah, why you did not include nevermore the shadow fiend. Banish plus requiem.

    • dasdas says:

      morph adaptive strike no work when banished

    • psybuster says:

      why you did not include kardel? Banish + assassinate?

    • iFlee says:

      Does NO ONE READ?

      >>Heroes to get it on

      Now before I start I just want to state that really, this is viable on ANY hero, but this list of heroes benefit from it even more and I’ll give a short explanation as to why. <<

    • gad12 says:

      Nice item guide :)
      think Venomancer should be there tho ..

    • How to Anti Ethereal Blade ? says:


      please tell me !!!
      How to anti Ethereal Blade ?
      i could not anti Ethereal Blade !! i don’t know !!

      please help me!!1


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