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Fayde is a new melee Agility hero in Heroes of Newerth version 0.3.4.  Though all her abilities are slightly different than Nerubian Assassin’s (NA), this hero basically occupies the same role in HoN as NA does in Dota: a hero-killing, ganking Agility hero.  Instead of Mana Burn, Fayde has Slice, an ability that does damage and burns mana of units in a radius around her.  Instead of Impale, Fayde has Burning Shadows, an ability that stuns targets in a direction just like Impale, and also deals damage to them by creating an image of that hero that attacks them.  Instead of Spiked Carapace, Fayde has Dark Shield, a survival ability that gives her evasion on activation instead of armor as a passive like Carapace.  Finally, instead of NA’s Vendetta, Fayde has a long duration windwalk ability called Reflection that is great for ganking and hero killing.  Here is a closer look at each ability:

Slice (q)

Fayde spins with her blade,  dealing magic damage to and burning mana of units in a small radius around her.  This is a good ability to control your lane with by last hitting creeps while simultaneously harassing nearby enemy heroes.  It is also a good ability to help kill heroes when ganking.

Burning Shadows (w)

Burning Shadows stuns enemy heroes in a line coming out from Fayde.  It also creates an uncontrollable image of enemy heroes it hits that attack them for magic damage.  Unlike Nerubian Assassin’s Impale in Dota, Burning Shadows does not hit creeps, only heroes.  This is a valuable stun that can hit multiple heroes, damage them, and also give Fayde time to move closer in to use Slice for more damage.

Scythe Stance & Shadow Stance (e)

Toggles between two “stance” modes which directly effect Faydes other abilities.  Scythe mode is more directed towards physical damage attributions whereas Shadow Stance is more directed towards magical damage attributions.  This ability passively reduces damage based on the stance of up to 200 at level 4 which is actually a great ability in the meta-game phase as well can make a significant impact in the late game phase

Reflection (ultimate) (r)

Reflection makes Fayde invisible for a long duration and creates an illusion of her that deals 100% damage and takes 300% damage.  Fayde is credited for any experience gains this image makes that she would not have gotten herself from being nearby.  Fayde can also attack up to 5 times without losing invisiblity, after which the image disappears and invisibility is removed.

This is a great confusion spell, and can for things such as ganking other lanes while making your enemies think you are not missing (because of the image).  This is a lot like NA’s Vendetta, good for sneaking up on heroes to kill them, except you can also do damage with the image created at the beginning of your invisibility.


Recommended Skill Build

  1. Slice (1)
  2. Burning Shadows (1)
  3. Slice (2)
  4. Burning Shadows (2)
  5. Slice (3)
  6. Reflection (1)
  7. Slice (4)
  8. Burning Shadows (3)
  9. Burning Shadows (4)
  10. Shadow/Scythe Stance (1)
  11. Reflection (2)
  12. Shadow/Scythe Stance(2)
  13. Shadow/Scythe Stance(3)
  14. Shadow/Scythe Stance(4)
  15. Stats
  16. Reflection (3)
  17. Stats -> Level 25

Item Recommendation


Due to the changes to codex it is worth it to get 1 level of it due to Fayde’s extreme burst damage.  However anything more than level 1 is hardly necessary unless you manage to get codex extremely early enough that you do not need survivability  or extra DPS from auto attacking

Nullfire Blade

Purge to catch those fleeing heroes and adding to your mana burn from Slice plus your images burn mana as well; overall a good item for any image hero.

Geometer’s Bane

Let’s see… Geometer’s Bane & Reflection & Burning shadows & your actual hero = 5 Fayde’s.  Yeah.  Plus that extra movespeed and +stats will help your images a lot.

Early Game

Early game you should be focused on last hitting, if a hero steps to close  to deny a creep use your Slice to smack them as well as last hit the creep for effective farming, if you’re in a dual lane that can easily play aggressively look for ideal situations to initiate on your opponents.  If you are having a difficult lane to go against you can attempt to pull the creeps if you are in the appropriate lane or you can play passive aggressive, drawing aggro from creeps into tower range in order to last hit with a bit less harassment.

Middle Game

If you have a Nullfire blade you should be hunting down heroes, especially if there are any INT heroes.  With the mana burn combined from your images as well as your hero and Slice it will render a lot of mana dependent heroes either useless or extremely crippled.  In team fights make sure your Burning Shadows hits more than 1 hero in order to maximize his effectiveness and remember that you can evade 100% of melee attacks by using your Dark Shield

Late Game

By now you should either be attempting to dish out fast damage on the opposing carry or isolating a hero which is essential to winning team fights (Tempest, Behemoth, Magmus etc.) With your ultimate and Burning Shadows and if you do have Assassin’s Shroud you can dish out extremely high amounts of damage in a short amount of time, aim more for +stats items since your images do not benefit from direct +damage items.

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    • SLDawn says:

      I’ve tried fayde a couple times since she released. I find she’s very powerful mid-late game. Difficult to gain an early kill unless you’re lucky. Though i haven’t decided whether having brutalizer or True Strike would be better for her.

      • ImBobaFett says:

        If you go the geometer’s bane and nullfire route.. Savage Mace is the next addition because it can proc off your ult illusion, as well as your geo illusions. huge DPS upgrade and very anti carry like magebane or chronos who commonly get wingbow

    • Kronox says:

      I think an early game kill is extremly possible. With stun + spin with almost any damaging partner a kill can be easy. I lamed with panda and got many early game kills. With cannon ball + my stun + spin = win.

    • cheesepuff18 says:

      NOTE: using Burning Shadows after Reflection takes you out of invisibility immediately.

      And I like to add a level of Dark Shield early just in case you need to run.

    • some guy says:

      All of your guides are very detailed and precise,taking an all-around look on the hero,even those that just came out!!

      Please,make a guide for Dark Lady

    • Steve says:

      Isn’t Dark Shield an exact copy of Alleria’s Windrunner skill-with the exception that Windrunner also slows?

    • Yehaa says:

      Guys, i play always with first “bottle, firebrand(to geometers), nullfire” but then is already game ended. And last game a saw someone with shieldbreaker and he could kill most time while he was invis. That sux rlly. :D Wanna try this with my items

    • Anonymous says:

      assassins shroud on fayde? okay, retarded

    • anonymous says:

      Scythe stance is really busted right now at level 1 you get 1 point into it and you get a shield and you can solo mid no problem because you take literally no range harass damage.

    • daggius says:

      i hate fayde

    • ooOooooOooooOoooo says:

      I would recommend intelligence Stats in early game (1-11) and purchase Codex first instead of Portal Key. The combined damage of all her skills is extremely huge, with Codex a kill by soloing is 100% success in early game. Later on in mid to late game you can start building agi damage items.

    • Shuraa says:

      she’s so coll ~

    • Raven4k says:

      Hey guys,

      I play Fayde about 30% of my games and i prefer another skill build:

      1.Burning Shadows
      2.Shadow/scythe stance
      4.Burning Shadows
      5.Burning Shadows

      because her Burning Shadows is much easier to target for a stun in early game, so i can own much earlier.
      my items depend on the enemies but almost all the time I go for abyssal skull (because of the +manareg +basedmg and the lifesteal) first and then for a frostburn (because abyssal skull doesn’t use attack modifier)
      This is my way to play her and i usually own hard^^

    • gosgoat says:

      Oi guys,i think stynce it’s very usefull for early game,it’s anti physical damage you know.If you upgrade it panda won’t stan α change to kill you.If you didn’t upgrade it.Panda will raped you up!!
      1 ulti
      2 cull(hit with ulti than cull)
      3 hit
      4 geomenter
      5 shadow
      6 codex
      7 die
      Man, i doing great with this guide ( except burning shadow )

    • gosgoat says:

      Sory i mean after hit ulti,cull, geomenter first than hit

    • Nihilite says:

      Is there a new fayde guide? This one is kinda dated.


    The DRD Insult Generator says:

    4 + = 11