DotA Eredar Hero Guide


Starting Attributes

Range: 500

Movement Speed: 300

Strength: 17 + 1.9

Agility: 18 + 2.2

Intelligence: 26 + 2.7 (primary attribute)

Damage: 53-57

Armor: 3



Shadow Poison

Fires a fast moving projectile in a small aoe. It will impact enemy units along its way. Deals minor damage and the buff remains on the target for a duration. If a unit is hit by the projectile again while still having the buff, it increments the shadow poison count and resets the duration. When the buff runs out, it deals damage based on how many shadow counters. You have vision over the unit with the buff.

Initial Damage: 50

Level 1: Per stack: 5/10/20/40/80

Level 2: Per stack: 10/20/40/80/160

Level 3: Per stack: 15/30/60/120/240

Level 4: Per stack: 20/40/80/160/320

Duration: 10

Cooldown: 3

Manacost: 50

Projectile travel distance: 1500

Projectile AoE: 160

Video to come

Really annoying and great harassing spell and still gives you vision.  Very useful on heroes who rely on a blink dagger to disable it



Causes the target hero to become displaced for 2 seconds. When the hero returns, you will have 2 images of it under your control.

Can be used on an ally or enemy hero.

Displacement duration: 2.5 seconds

Illusion Outgoing Damage: 30/40/50/60%

Illusion Incoming Damage: 150%

Illusion Duration: 6 seconds

Cast Range: 700

Manacost: 75

Cooldown: 16

Video to come

Really good late game when heroes are pumped up but honestly this skill is so fun, you can easily lay deceptive traps for counter ganking if you image allies and leave them in vulnerable spots. As well as removing heroes in team fights.


Soul Catcher

You target an AOE and it picks a random unit in that area. The selected unit receives a debuff that amplifies all damage dealt to it.

AOE: 450

Cast Range: 600

Duration: 12

Amplification: 20/30/40/50%

Manacost: 50

Cooldown: 13

Video/Image to come

Good for picking off heroes on ganks but not that useful if you catch an unnecessary hero in it like a support over carry but overall still very useful


Demonic Purge

Purges the target enemy unit and deals damage.

Purge Slow Factor: 2

Purge Pause Duration: 2

Purge Duration: 4

Damage: 200/300/400

Cooldown: 50

Manacost: 200

Video to come

Annoying purge with damage on top of it, yeah, that’s right.


Skill Build

1. Shadow Poison

2. Disruption

3. Shadow Poison

4. Disruption

5. Shadow Poison

6. Demonic Purge

7. Shadow Poison

8/9. Disruption

10. Soul Catcher

11. Demonic Purge

12-14. Soul Catcher

15. Attribute Bonus

16. Demonic Purge

17-25. Attribute Bonus


Item Recommendations

Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse is always a solid choice for any intelligence hero for damage, mana regeneration and the disable.  It’s also great because Eradar lacks a disable, disruption doesn’t allow you to damage the enemy, and thus Hex is a great item.

Eye of Skadi adds everything a hero needs to be honest, Eradar like stated before, lacks a diasble and stun outside of his ultimate so this is a great addition.

Necronomicon is a very good item in combination with your ultimate which slows and stuns allowing for your minions to get a lot of attacks of, also in combination with disruption you can micro the units to block the oppositions pathing.


Early Game

You should be playing extremely aggressively whether you are solo or in a lane with someone else, shadow poison is an extremely annoying laning spell to be against so utilize it well.  Once you hit level 6 you should start ganking more and more due to its versatility of a stun and slow.  You should be somewhat more focused earlier on last hitting as once you start roaming unless you gank-farm or harassing the enemies back.

Middle Game

By now you should be gank-farming a lot, wards are your best friends both sentry and observer, if the enemy can’t see you coming and you can see them it’s all the better.  Remember that if you don’t have Boots of Travel to carry around a teleport scroll so you can counter gank as well as support your carries should they get ganked themselves.  Should you have trouble surviving grab a few bracers to increase your survivability.

Late Game

By now it should be purely team fights and ganking.  Use disruption on enemy heroes that are heavily stat orientated so that the illusions do more damage since illusions do not benefit from +dmg items etc.  Try to place Soul Catcher on the enemy carry so they take more damage or place it on another hero who is vital to team fights such as Earthshaker, Enigma etc.  You should be unleashing the fury every team fight focusing the enemy carry hero with Shadow Purge and trying to hit them as much as you can with Shadow Poison.

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