DotA Gyrocopter Hero Guide


Starting Attributes

Range: 375

Movement Speed: 305

Strength: 18 + 1.8

Agility: 24 + 2.4 (primary attribute)

Intelligence: 23 + 2.1

Damage: 41-51

Armor: 2



Rocket Barrage

Releases a stream of rockets at nearby enemy units.

Rocket Interval: 0.1

Damage per Rocket: 6/8/10/12

Barrage Duration: 3

AOE: 400

Cooldown: 6.5

Manacost: 90

Video to come

Randomly shoots rockets like a sperm donor doing his best at targets inside the AoE.


Seeking Missile

Fires a slow moving missle at target enemy unit. It starts off slow and then accelerates a little over time. Starts off startionary and inactive for the first three seconds then moves at 280 MS and increases by 20 each second. Can be killed by physical attacks.

The longer it takes to reach the target the more damage it does.

Delay before becoming active: 3 seconds

Initial movement speed: 280

Acceleration: 20 per second

Minimum Damage: 50

Maximum Damage: 100/200/300/400

Maximum Distance Threshold: 2000

Stun: 2.5 seconds

Missle HP: 4 hits

Cast range: 900

Cooldown: 20/18/16/14

Manacost: 120/130/140/150

Video to come

Great initiation tool while used in the forest hiding or just to finish killing those enemies that are running away without the need to chase them down.


Flak Cannon

Causes a limited number of attacks to hit enemy units within 800 AOE.

Attacks: 3/4/5/6
Duration: 12 seconds (ends once you use your limited attacks)
Cooldown: 20
Manacost: 20/30/40/50

Image to come

Useful farming tool and could be essential in teamfights if Gyro obtains enough DPS


Call Down

Fires two missles up in the air. The first missle lands at target area, dealing damage and slowing units in it. After a brief period, the second missle lands there as well.

Primary Missle Damage: 250/300/350

Primary Missle Slow: 20%

Primary Missle Slow Duration: 2

Primary Missle Impact Delay: 2 seconds

Primary Missle Impact AOE: 400

Secondary Missle Damage: 100/150/200

Secondary Missle Slow: 50%

Secondary Missle Slow Duration: 3

Secondary Missle Impact Delay: 4 seconds

Secondary Missle Impact AOE: 400

Cast Range: 1300

Cooldown: 55/50/45

Manacost: 125

Video to come

inb4 nuke spam. Works astounding well with team disabling abilities like Black Hole, Reverse Polarity etc.


Skill Build

1. Seeking Missile

2. Rocket Barrage

3. Seeking Missile

4. Rocket Barrage

5. Seeking Missile

6. Call Down

7. Seeking Missile

8/9. Rocket Barrage

10. Flak Cannon

11. Call Down

12-14. Flak Cannon

15. Attribute Bonus

16. Call Down

17-25. Attribute Bonus


Item Recommendations

As the norm with any … DPS hero, manta style is a great item to get. Gives damage, attack speed, movespeed and images.

You may question why but it increases Gyro’s farming capability a lot as well as his DPS potential.  Rocket Barrage & Flak Cannon & Radiance immolation is a huge amount of AoE damage.

Purge to help keep units in range as well as mana burn, very useful item indeed.


Early Game

From what I’ve tested and done in beta Gyro is geared more toward ganking with carry potential.  Use seeking missiles where the enemies cannot see the missile itself (in trees, uphill etc.) so they are not aware of the missile and therefore are more vulnerable to the gank.  Early in the game try to focus on last hits as hard as it may be due to range, once you hit 6 you should start looking for ganks more and more with calldown, the combination of Call Down, Rocket Barrage & Seeking Missile alone is very devastating.

Middle Game

You should keep gank-farming or if your team lacks a hard carry and is keeping down the other team’s carry well enough you can start to farm a bit.  Utilize Flak Cannons well in team fights putting yourself in an area that would allow you to hit multiple enemy heroes if possible.  Carry a TP scroll as always to find a free farm spot or just to help out your hard carry if he is being ganked.

Late Game

You should keep ganking or farm a bit if you are not that hugely farmed.  Gyro late game is a HUGE DPS tank, so if you are having trouble surviving grab a BKB for those pesky casters as well as a heart or even Satanic if you lack an orb effect.  Eventually even if you haven’t geared Gyro in a carry aspect you will be doing enough damage with Flak Cannon/Rocket Barrage alone to potentially be a carry hero.

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    • Anonymous says:

      ta weno

    • rex says:

      Buy Orchid Malevolence, take a look at his 1st skill and last skill, both of them have low cooldowns…So at early game 2 sobi masks and 2 (+4int items) will really help him spam his 1st skill for farming.
      Problems on HP regen?, Buy a load of tangoes or buy lifesteal item, it works well with his 3rd skill….which activates when you want to regen.

    • mister fantasmo says:

      best build ever #1: bottle,arcane boots,vanguard,lothars,skadi, build ever #2:bottle,bracer,arcane boots,defuse,skadi,

    • Anonymous says:


      • Destroth says:

        i’ve seen this awesome gyro in battle and i personally tried it and yea, its awesome….

        when i played with him, by 30 min, the gyro is out with tread, lothar, dominator, butterfly and with flak cannon…. we all just turn into dust, not to say the sudden appearance due to lothar age… right in the middle of everyone and with 800 AOE atk… @.@ ultra kill, rampage…

        So after that i try to follow his build, initially he go for barrage… since with proper strategy, barrage can easily take down a hero…. then a few on attribute, to increase the damage and HP of gyro….. he then go for flak cannon for easy farming….. 1st item to get is dominator for hp drain as to farm forest creep with ease……then lothar as by that point gyro might not be strong enough (lothar is use to sneak in at end game) and then straight for butterfly…. just by farming forest creep, by 30 min this 3 item would not be a problem…. if properly alternate the farming between lane as well, and with a balance amount of hero kill from barrage and gyro’s ulti…. it is possible to obtain these items by 24 min….

        at the very end, complete dominator to satanic (lower down the risk when you sneak in and appear in the middle of the opponent), and then any item would be good, MKB, buriz, … so on so fourth

    • His third skill is an orb u cant use diffusal or choice-arcane boots,vanguard,1 or 2 sacred relics or rapier. Manta images dont have third skill.also mkb,buriza's extra damage wont work full on third best option is sacred says:

      His third skill is an orb effect and orb effects dont stack

    • Steve says:

      Since he is a caster,doesn’t he need something for mana regen? An Eul’s at least?

    • Fucksheet says:

      your comments are thrash..!! haha.. fuck u guys!!!

    • Fucksheet says:

      Manta + Mjolnir + P.Treads + Butterfly + Manevolence + Satanic is the best ..

      Mjo – will just trigger ( still can be match with an orb effect item )
      Satanic – fully orb ( but it won’t effect when Mjo triggers )


    • OMGawdH4X says:

      What is wrong with you people? Why do you all keep repeating things like MJO and satanic? 3rd skill does NOT work with any of those. Do you all plan on using those items and not leveling 3rd skill at all? >.<

    • a says:

      i think eul’s is good on him. missile, eul’s, calldown. confirm hit. then plus the mana regen.

    • hiemlich manuvah says:

      wraith, treads(int-) , Manta, Lothar, vanguard cuz he’s kinda soft, skadi, lastly butterfly….

    • DOTA IDIOT (Vise Versa) says:

      You Idiot’s Thats All Wrong You Should Only Buy Tangos For This Hero
      You’ll Be The Center Of Attention

      And You’re Wasting Some Noob’s Time Checking “What Are The Things For This Hero”

      Sinayang Nyo Oras Ko
      Pero Tama Ang Iba
      May Orb Effect Yan Tae…

      According To My Analysis

      Early Game:
      Then Crow
      Then Two Wraith Band
      Next Vanguard

      Everyone Is Right His Soft
      Wouldn’t Last In An Ambush
      Very Easy To Be Killed
      Mostly On 5 vs 5
      “Who Says You Need A Bracer”
      “I’d Rather Go For Damage If He’s Just Going To Get Killed”

      Middle Game:
      Arcane Boots Or Phase Or Travel
      If Affordable… Acquire A BloodStone (Reign Hell On Them)

      Believe Me
      Thx To His 3rd Skill Farming Is So Easy
      I Never Knew I Can Built Those Things In Just LvL 14
      “Orchid, WHAT!?!?! You Just Wasted Gold”
      “Don’t Tell Me Its Mana Regen Or The Silence Thingy”
      “If You Silence Someone Who Is A Tank”
      “You’re Good As Dead”

      Late Game:
      Ethereal Blade
      Black King Bar

      This Is The Showdown
      Even If You Have This Things Its Still Hard To Win The Game
      But All Effort Has A Reward
      “Why Ethereal Blade”
      “DAMN Test It”
      “Use Your Second Skill On Someone”
      “You”‘ll See The Magic”
      “Easy As Hell”

      That My Build Idiot’s
      Don’t Care What You Think
      Just Buy Tangos Instead

    • DOTA IDIOT (Vise Versa) says:

      Who The Hell Removed My Comment???

    • diego says:

      what about linken???? =S

    • imb@gyro says:

      i really enjoy playin gyro,this is wat i suggest as per my experience n i dnt give a shit whether u ll lyk it or not :
      Get atleast these items;
      arcane ( need mana ) vangaurd ( coz veneurable to attacks ) lothars ( chase n kill by using seeking missile then use lothars to follow ,, use barrage or ulti for a kill/ else to save ur ass n run at the end of ur hp ) linken/butterfly
      U$e combo$: seeking missile from forest/uphills then chase n use ulti at the point of stun n wen enemy is slowed go n use barrage

    • I enjoy reading your post. Great post and very well written. Thank you so much!

    • strAw_h@t! says:

      if i am using gyrocopter… i see to it that i can have linkin sphere and that’s how it goes all the way :D

    • Wow! This can be one of the most useful blogs we’ve ever come across on thesubject. Actually wonderful info! I’m also a specialist in this topic therefore I can understand your hard work.

    • Kent says:

      I’m a gyro fans too… from what i play b4…. i prefer it with tanker item + radiance… radiance dmg with flak cannon quite impressive…
      Here is my suggestion for item build (maybe is not the best, but is good for referer):
      start game with bottle?
      :runes and kill…
      Next – vanguard
      :gyro really low on hp
      Money come easy for gyro
      :hero killing at start?
      :hero killing failure? Flak cannon give him the farming speed
      end game with (radiance/heart/BKB/Butterfly??)
      Choose the combination u like depend on enemy hero
      :spell hero more = pipe(hood)/ bkb
      :physic hero more = vanguard / butterfly

      Just my oppinion (wish no people get angry for my innocents… Haha)
      Welcome to reply and comment about it… Because it will help to improve the skill for every1 at use gyro…

    • hellcop robber says:

      that idiot’s right, gyrocpter is one of the best hero to gail money. u can built luxurious item at the lvl of 14 like butterfly, or whtever.
      scaring the hero at first lvl is also important. therefore it’s best to upgrade da flak cannon at first.
      he’s soft yes but very supportive. aiding strength kind of hero is the best. try maelstorm. n upgrade to…what is tht called? that hammer thing that can give lighting shield. u’ll get money fast:
      flak cannon
      rocket barrack
      flak cannon
      seeking rocket
      flak cannon
      call down

      for the first 6 lvl. well…my strategy is to get great item fast though. still, basic item is needed of course. u know the basic as shown by those people. hahaha golds!! works! flak farming :p

    • hellcop robber says:

      I agree with DOTA IDIOT’s strategy

    • Indo rusuh says:

      Gyrocopter is a great farmer thanks to that first 6 upgrade by the hell cop robber. Orang indo rocks cot! Hahahaha
      Here’s some item. Boots of phase, travel, power thread…Vanguard, maelstorm(can help u got luck), wraith, butterfly, radiance(if u hav manta)….lothar . Manta helps a lot. Indo rusuh out

    • marco says:

      gyro is a great ganker in early game and a great farmer. The problem is to survive on battle 3v3, 4v4 & 5v5 so u have to improved his survability (Lothar) & his mana regen to gank (void stone -> Linkens). Due to gyro short range you always engage in close combat to damaged so you need life like Heart Of. After that you can farm butterfly or other damage item…

      wraith band-> survive
      boot-> survive
      void stone-> gank
      Lothar-> survive
      finish PT-> strengh or agility
      finish linkens-> survive & mana hp regen
      HoT -> survive

      If you can survive you ll be able to do kill coz you have imba abilities!!!

    • Funkchini@Garena says:

      There was no suggestion that got the right Item build for gyro’s playstyle. Even this guide is totally wrong/incomplete.

      If your playing PUB game, here is the build.


      Chick, Bottle, Poorman’s Shield, Threads,1 or 2 Wraithbands,TP Scroll

      – Start with a chick and a bottle
      – Then get Poor man’s shield – To compensate for his squishiness earlygame.
      – Find your way to get Power Threads – ATK SPD and the Stat Boost is important for gyro early.
      – Wraithbands for extra stat boost.
      – A handy TP scroll for emergency.


      Agahanims Scepter

      – Build your aghanims scepter
      – If you guys are not reading the changelog, aghanims now makes gyro’s ulti global.
      – with a global ulti, you can spam your Call Downs for farming lanes and team ganks even if your not nearby.


      Eaglehorn & Ghost Scepter = Ethereal Blade

      – farm for an ethereal blade. Here is the combo:

      Seekng Missile + Ethereal + Calldown + Get close to enemy + Rocket Barrage + Just in time for the Seeking missile to hit target + Rocket Barrage (After 6 secs) or if the target is still alive =)

      If the game Lasts long, buy another eagle horn and build a BUTTERFLY or Satanic.

      Gyro’s main existence in DoTa is:

      Early: Support Ganker
      Midgame: Support, DPS
      Lategame: Support, Semi-Carry

      Conclusion: Gyro is an all around support. Thats all he needs to do.

      Skill Build:

      Early Farmer
      LVL 1: H.Seeking Missile
      LVL2/3/5: Flack Cannon
      LVL4 : Rocket Barrage
      LVL6 : Call Down
      and so on…..

      Early Ganker
      LVL1/3/5: Rocket Barrage
      LVL2/4 : H.Seeking Missile
      LVL 6 : Call Down
      and so on…

    • ahahah says:

      aw ok!

    • beginner says:

      for a beginner like me, ahm, i would suggest the item build would be, basilius, phase boots, lothar’s,radiance,bloodstone,manta(that items would be enough) but if possibly butterfly,and heart are better than gg.. 2nd preferred item build would be, basilius, arcane, lothar’s, radiance, mkb, bkb,
      that’s all.. dont ever understimate and dont take it serious ^^

    • Saxtus says:

      ……. First Boots, then Mana boots, then Aghs, then diffusal

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    • van says:

      gyro is a perfect allied

    • paroton says:

      you are very dumb i suggest u use phase boots cause it hepls you to run and chase enemy when u cast seeking missile use phase boots then use call down and rocket barrage and when you will attack just use flak cannon and for the items u should use satanic,butterfly,aghanym’s scepter,lothar’s edge and BKB,aghanym’s is really a great help because ur call down will be global and when u ar away from ur allies u just cast ur call down then u have assisted to ur allies and it is a great help


    The DRD Insult Generator says:

    4 + = 5