DotA Guardian Wisp (Lo) Hero Guide


Starting Attributes

Range: 525

Movement Speed: 295

Strength: 17+ 1.9 (primary attribute)

Agility: 18 + 1.6

Intelligence: 23 + 1.7

Damage: 43-52

Armor: 2




Slowly spawns 5 spirits (over 6 seconds) that circle around you. Whenever an enemy hero comes in very close proximity to a spirit (70aoe), it releases its energy, dealing damage and slowing enemies in a 125 area around that spirit. Deals minor damage as it passes through non-hero units.

The spirits start off at a distance of 250 units away from you. You can use two sub abilities to make them move out/in. If you click the out ability, it moves to max range, if you click it again anytime, it stops. If you click the in ability, it moves inwards and again if you click it a second time it stops the motion.

Spirit Rotation Speed: Once per 2.25 seconds

Damage per spirit: 25/50/75/100
Slow: 30% Movement and Attack Speed reduction for 3 seconds

For non-hero units, it deals 5/10/15/20 per wisp per rotation

Duration: 14
Cooldown: 14
Manacost: 125

Video to come

Great in combination with Relocation, it has a sub-ability in which you can push the spirits outward so it catches heroes that you may not be able to attack overall a great ability.



Toggle ability. Puts you in an overcharged state, providing you with increased attack speed but draining health and mana.

Bonus Attack Speed: 60/80/100/120
Drains 2% Current HP and MP per second.

Video to come

Awesome when tethered with a carry hero who can do massive damage and may or may not have the attack speed nonetheless it’s a great addition to any hero who is meant to put out some DPS.



Connects you and a target allied unit, providing bonus movement speed and stuns any units that come in contact with the link.

Max tether range: 900
Tether duration: 12
Movement bonus: 20/25/30/35%
Disable: 1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0 seconds

Cooldown: 12
Manacost: 40

If you cast Tether outside of 650 aoe from the target, it pulls you in that close to the ally.

You have a sub ability to forcefully end the tether at any time (Hotkey: T, same as ability)

Video/Image to come

Great for chasing as well as putting overcharge to good use, if you your ally dies then the tether breaks


Temporarily teleports to any location on the map for a brief duration. If a unit is linked with you it will also teleport.

Returns after 12 seconds.
Has a 2.25/1.75/1.25  second casting delay when relocating.

There are visual effects and indicators in the world and the minimap that are visible to all players for this spell.

Cooldown: 50/40/30
Manacost: 140

Video to come

Did someone say ninja ganking? Seriously. This could potentially be one of THE funnest skills ever made, push towers with an ally, help out at a gank, return to fountain for 6 seconds the possibilities are ENDLESS (not literally)


Skill Build

1. Spirits

2. Tether

3. Spirits

4. Tether

5. Spirits

6. Relocate

7. Spirits

8/9. Tether

10. Overcharge

11. Relocate

12-14. Overcharge

15. Attribute Bonus

16. Relocate

17-25. Attribute Bonus


Item Recommendations

Linken’s sphere gives Lo what he needs, survivability with a bit of mana regeneration.  To be honest this is probably one of the best pickups for Lo which of course is dependent on the other team’s lineup,

Tether onto the mana burning unit is great, in combination with overcharge and spirits slowing the enemy and giving Lo and the Book minion bonus attack speed.

Before you laugh think of the ninja-ganking with tether/relocate.  It’s the same concept as Furion with Dagon except that you will return to your old place as well as the opportunity to bring along an ally with you on the gank, nevertheless the burst damage coming from Dagon will help when ganking.


Early Game

With Spirits and Tether and the right lane partner you can play aggressively or rather you should be.    You should be looking to get a few bracers or even a vanguard early to increase your survivability when chasing with spirits and tether.  Once you get relocate grab a partner with tether and gank another lane, preferably a carry hero.  You can also use relocate to save a hero who is about to die.

Middle Game

You should be ganking all the time by now, the key to Lo is vision vision so get some wards up.  Focus on trying to gank the enemy carry hero.  Carry around teleport scrolls again for effective counter ganking and ganking.  Everytime relocate is cooldown you should be using it.  An alternative to ganking with it is pushing a tower quickly and porting back which can be used very effectively.

Late Game

By now you should just be purely ganking etc.  Focus on tethering a DPS hero on your team for the MS buff as well as the IAS increase that goes through tether.  Relocate can be used at this point to return to the fountain to heal yourself and an ally if needed if the other team is forced to turtle in their base.

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    • ventom says:

      i thought of something and tried it i bought a mackanesm and tethered a hero and used it he healed 500 hp instead of 250

    • anonymous says:

      mekanism is now supposed to heal around 700 hp i think..check the details

    • Destroth says:

      Well i think that this kind of build would not be good for wisp at all…. no matter the cast it is a str hero and with overcharge it could cover up for the lack of damage…. and if u guys havent notice, if wisp hp is not full, whenever u tether with a teammate, they get your regen as well…. wisp work super efficient with satanic, sending ur teammate to tank and from the back on satanic and overcharge… u will see miracle happen as ur teammate HP will keep on increasing instead…. starting item, get a phase boots (which grand you move speed of 522 whenever u tether with anything…. and urn , to heal urself and ur team mate (with a single charge as ur team mate get ur regen as well) then go for dominator, with dominator, around lvl 12-13, bring along a teammate and you should be able to take down roshan…. u initially tank till half hp then ask ur team mate to take over, and with the life steal and also urn, u will take roshan down….. then go right for satanic, if everyone is aiming you by then, get a bkb… else go for some damage , buriz with ur overcharge is good :)

    • Destroth says:

      Venton, yea of coz, u heal urself and thus ur teammate heals as well, and additional heal from the meka itself…. whoever u tether get double healing… works for arcane and also chen healing…. even ezalor or omniknight….. tether with omni and ask him to heal u and omni himself will get the healing…. but of coz, make sure ur hp is not full else u get nothing

    • Destroth says:

      and oh yea, u can just ignore spirits, overcharge is way better, just imagine 2 person with speed of 500+ with high atk speed chasing down a hero

      • Muaha says:

        Hey overcharge early game is no good cos of ur alr low armor and low hp .. u want him to die in like 4 hits?!?

        • Destroth says:

          haha, yea, but overcharge takes 2.5% of ur hp, if ur hp is low (lets say 500-600 with 2 gauntlet) the damage is only 10/sec? eat a tango before u engage. well nobody ask u to gank 2-3 hero at once when ur lvl 1, but with proper opportunity and a stunner with u, u can at least stun them for 2-4 sec, which probably is too much for any other agi or intel hero. If wisp need 4 hit to die, then any intel or agi would also require as much? and now with overcharge, u can easily reach 4 hits especially when 2 hero is hitting that one hero

    • will'o says:

      The little balls do good damage and slow. especially if u are farming stacked pulled creeps. kinda like rad on razer.

      • Destroth says:

        yup, learn skill depending on the hero u are supporting i would say, critical base hero would be better with speed and for most other the spirits would come in handy, damage, slow ….

        • Destroth says:

          also i take back the comment where i say overcharge is better than spirits, it really depend on situation, the other time when i was playing with a gyro in my lane, i go for spirits and woot, godlike at the end of the game…. the overcharge was useful when i was with Chaos Knight… 2+ sec stun from tether, and 2-4 sec stun from chaos knight, with overcharge on…. well the damage output is more than that of the spirits….(tether then blink strike = stun)…. i am not testing for sa, overcharge and backstab work very well, but sometime we just couldnt chase the hero down… maybe spirits would work better, yet to find out… please do tell me for the team up with sa, which skill is better…. for ursa, spirits is definitely better…

          Finally, if u go for overcharge, probably you wun have the chance to learn spirits until lvl 9… which is kind of too late… so if you decide to go for overcharge, just ignore spirits after that unless you decide to go solo… then you would need it… i tried that before, self relocate to the opponent, slow them down with spirits +500 damage, on overcharge with satanic…. wisp will hardly die and can easily take down a single hero… be brave with wisp….

    • Michael says:

      Try deso, dagon, bloodstone and asisst with ursa boom

      or even tether bounty hunter with the enemy with the track skill, if bounty hunter gets the kill you also get the assist gold and the track skill extra gold.

      You can even try tether and stats sometimes its good.

      One more thing. Its Io not Lo :) there are no name with a small letter at the beginning. Peace.

    • spartan says:

      yeah wisp is good suppoter….and a killer

    • Jomar says:

      wow! thanks for the advice i will use all the stragies ive learn here :) i will update you guys if its all effective :)

    • Bh0szcxJeck24 says:


      • wispylicious says:

        wisp is a team rather have mecca nd heal others instantly unlike satanic.a game is lyk 20 to 30mins then its finish..

    • Wow! This information was truly valuable to me. Ill be coming back to your blog.

    • Frozen_Ice^-^ says:

      best build for lo is jango and sny in mid gamr. Wif those item u can juz chase any enemy and run easily. I got score 27/6 wif thoze item.And best combo is wif luna. Juz relocate wif luna in the middle of the battle field and luna ulti will do the rest (:. oh yeah n im looking for clab plz add me any1


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