Rusty X picks up seven day ban on his smurf; but like any fat nerd, has backup account ready to go

Account Suspended: Ticket ID: 67565\r\nMatch ID: 18986788\r\n\r\nGM Explanation: Do not use your hero skills to grief your allies. Do not intentionally feed. Do not steal your allies items. : 150.7 hours remaining.

Heh don’t let this cute little encounter give you false hope that the Report A Player system is worth much.  While it’s nice to see some serious crush being delivered, as mentioned in title: most turds who care enough to troll someone have more than one account anyway and won’t miss out on the action due to a well-deserved ban.

The real point here is that Report A Player is inferior to the vote kick function as far as real-time problem solving.  If someone’s ruining your game, yeah it’s nice they may get some punishment for it, and that this may deter them from being a shitstain in the first place, however it’s not going to put an immediate stop to those shenanigans like kicking them from the game does.  Vote kick is efficient and effective in short-term problem solving, and swapping it out for the Report A Player system merely shifted power into the hands of griefers, instead of away from them.  On top of this, Report A Player requires an army of administrators to review cases and deliver punishment, while vote kick requires none.

Vote kick MUST be brought back to HoN.  We will keep bringing it up until S2 takes notice just like we did with the Hellbourne map advantage.  It makes zero sense removing an extremely successful and important feature that literally 90% of the community supported, just to bring in an unwieldy and less-effective one.  Just chalk it up to another lesson learned and make this right.  And you don’t really have to remove your Gamemaster staff or Report A Player system either–doesn’t have to be one or the other.  Just have them work hand in hand with vote kick.  If vote kick was removed because people were abusing it, which creates an unfriendly community for some, which honestly seems like the only possible reason whatsoever it could be removed, then set up a review system whereby Gamemasters can remove a kick leave from someone’s account if they were unjustly kicked (they weren’t afk or griefing).

You don’t just toss out something with a 90% approval rating.  Come on now.

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    • Bert says:

      Rustyman X bringing it to you like its 1910. I’ve no idea but thats the first thing that came to my mind.

    • rickster says:

      So they only ban your $30 account and all sub accounts underneath it? You can have two $30 accounts and they only ban one? You’re not messing with IP addresses so that each $30 account has a separate IP? If that’s correct, that’s good news.

      Yeah vote kick was great since it prevented people who spitefully rejected the concede vote. Having it removed sucks, since the RAP increased the amount of spite non-conceders. People won’t concede so they can force you to leave or get a ban for avoiding afk detection.

    • WAR``MACHiNE says:

      They took it out because too many idiots got kicked and whined about it. avoid confrontation at all costs is their motto

      • T says:

        pretty glad they removed it…. stupid jerks like u and other hardcore hon nerds would just kick people if they didnt like them or “thought” they did something bad/stupid. its a game son. Also the spam concede that these mindless retards start pulling after they die twice is far more annoying then people trying to actually win/have fun

    • anonymous says:

      Just make it so that “bans” or “convictions” are showed on the statpage, just like leave%. People don’t care if they can’t play for a day, people DO care about their stats.

    • DICKLOTION says:

      Vote kick-system was awful. Destroyed so many matches with pointless spamming. DRD, you guys need 2 cool off sometimes. Well we all know that your main purpose of playing online games is to troll other people into rage but dont pretend you give a damn about this game…

    • KingRaven says:

      Bro this system doesn’t work. I had to mark spam of all the complaints I used to get.

    • Bait says:

      Vote kick is a joke, get over it.

    • Nostr0mo says:

      If it weren’t for grievers, trolls or generally bad players who think smurfing will improve their statistics, then think of how much worse off we’d all be. For the small price of one whiney noob’s game being ruined, or some hot-shot like Raven who’s ego get’s manhandled in-game, money gets spent and the servers are spared another day.

    • Roger says:

      hilarious! When he lured him with the dd bottle and then stole his shroud. Best ever.

    • Anonymous says:

      Vote kick was stupid. I’ve played with people who were mad because Devo was 12/0 and they didn’t like that he was ganking and getting the kills. He wasn’t “playing as a team.”

      Hon is filled with idiots. Don’t give idiots power. Thanks.

    • daggius says:

      You assholes. The 10% fucking cries about isolated and stupid incidences and makes the 90% suffer with an inferior system cuz S2 is too stupid to favor the majority and does things ass backwards.

      Vote kick is so fucking great and makes pubbing possible without griefers ruining it. I played 300 games and didn’t get kicked once except by my clan mates who were joking around. And I play without my friends most of the time. If you get kicked from the game you’re a dumbass and you deserve it. Kick was fucking great.


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