HoN downtime reaches two days; IAmRoot with rumors on S2’s DDOS dumpstering

DDOS Update Thread

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    • Cmez says:

      YW for the pic Daggius :)

    • SupremeDump says:

      so people are DDoSing the servers because of….stats…

      im glad pizza hut has the $10 deal again cause this fat basement dwelling faggot will buy truck loads of meat lovers and slobber all over it till his heart bursts from his blood changing into pizza sauce

    • heh says:

      maybe its that omgmewmewcat dude

    • derpy says:

      just another reason to stop recording useless stats like kd. would make solo queueing much more pleasurable.

    • Dump says:

      LOL these kids are gonna get shit on.

    • Dump says:

      Also.. They shouldn’t even bother fixing/mitigating the attacks if they know who they are, I’m pretty sure legal actions will MAKE the people doing it stop without them having to do any technical shit.

      • fghfdt says:

        yep im sure s2 has a lot of power in india or wherever the ddos are originating from. moron.

        • Racist says:

          Dude, do you really believe “Indians” are attacking HoN? Indians can’t afford 30$ for HoN. Indians don’t have computers, they have Cows. Indians can’t start DDOS attacks, they can worship cows.

          This is being done by butthurt kiddos who care too much about their stats…Kingraven rages for our entertainment, these butthurt kids rage and start DDOS’ing S2 to ruin the “fun” for everyone else.

    • `Reverie says:

      Why would S2 not just drop the jailhammer instead of trying to fix the servers.. Pretty sure this is a felony.

      • retarded fucking question son says:

        maybe restoring the game’s operation is a priority because there are oh i don’t know 100,000 or so angry nerds like yourself madding and badding on the forums and elsewhere. rofl at snitchmelonzz and AMXzakan’thitarocket streaming LoL cuz their hon addiction is so strong they’d rather play that swampy piece of ass

        are you really this fucking stupid? of course they’re going to go after the kids who ddos’d them. do you think it fuckin takes 2 days to track them down, compile and verify their information, notify the authorities and send everyone to court?

        • `Reverie says:

          Maybe if you weren’t stupid, you’d think this through. So the servers are fixed? What’s to say the people who start this attack won’t just do another one? (S2 track record isn’t going well so far) Yes, it may take some time, but what do you think people want more? To play for a day and get shut down again, causing more bickering or have a product that’ll last longer? Think it through??

          • Wobli says:

            Dude… YOU should start thinking.
            He ain’t saying it will take a couple of days. He’s saying it will take weeks upon weeks and even months.
            Whereas “just” fixing the darned servers will take a couple of days.

            So they will go after them WHEN we will be able to play, now get your head out your arse and into reality.
            Motherfucking bitching stupidass fuckhead.

            • `Reverie says:

              So you think people capable of launching a DDOS attack can’t do something else? You think if S2 instantly launches this game fixing DDOS, the people won’t just launch a different attack? How long do you think it’ll take s2 to completely foolproof their system? Sure you can get the game up maybe a week or so, then it goes down again. All I’m saying is that if you stop the root problem, it makes it easier. Sure players come first, but HoN will just keep being spotty as long as the people just keep launching different attacks. There are more than just a few methods of DDOS and much more than just one form of one method of attack.

              • Dump says:

                Pretty sure the second the kids get served with a subpoena they will stop (no matter the outcome of the case) they will be scared shitless and stop doing it. If s2 knows who it is and servers them, the attacks stop. Simple as that.

    • bavvb says:

      meaning, they don’t know who they are?

    • ice says:

      Pretty sure this is a felony? Selling a dubsack on school property is a felony, punching someone in a face is a felony. Son this is big time, prison sentences for these little nerds. Jeopardizing a fucking legitimate company and its business is no joke. Fucking nerds gonna get their “taut assholes tattered” -KingRaven

    • gay nigger says:

      S2: Michigan, USA

      Hackers: Over seas and nothing will happen

      Nothing is going to happen to them – deal it with you fucking faggots. I think it’s hilarious getting the whole community getting unnecessarily angry at Muslims.

      • derpy says:

        why doesn’t drd host a local dota ih for readers? most of us haven’t played dota past a couple games when it was brand new. i’ve been playing with a bunch of russians on iccup and it’s a completely different experience.

      • kotorosan says:

        they said they know the players who did it. Its not just a matter of tracking the ips at this point, they must have evidence backin that up. If these dumbasses had paid accounts they are punishable. They can be sued and prosecuted & punished according to local laws, assuming they’re not from a 3rd world desolate leaderless waste. Almost all high resource nations have laws against this sort of thing.

    • TheSopranos says:

      We dont hate muslims because they hacked HoN. We hate them because they are a bunch of degenerates who believe in the words written many years after their conqueror civilized them. Christopher Hitchens would toast to that.

      • harrybrown says:

        1. there’s like literally zero proof it was muslims who hacked hon
        2. your timeline is way out of whack. christopher hitchens would probably call you a moron too.

        • TheSopranos says:

          DERP DERP DERP.

          1. Not saying muslims hacked HoN.
          2. Got it from CH? Its referenced in 2 books. If not, there are several essays by Tariq Ali who is actually neutral about the topic. Moreso, pick up any historical text and it is apparent.

          • Roger says:

            Bringin in the Hitch in a dotallyrad post? Damn, dident see that coming when i started hanging here. Send him to hitchslap theese hackernerds.

          • harrybrown says:

            1. its exactly what you said
            2. all new empires existed under a previous empire at some point. you act as if the early caliphates that formed at the dumpster end of the roman empire weren’t tremendously successful if not just as successful as the former. umayyad?
            but keep on defending your original statement. not going into this any further.

    • dumpsterstealer says:

      its back up, looking forward to more epic soulstealer mid from the King

    • Konditioner says:

      Lol just went back down again. Some people have no life.

    • MrBigHuge says:

      Do the LoL servers get downtime?

    • harrybrown says:

      “You hear that faint crackling noise son? That’s the sound of sunbeams hitting pasty nerd virgin flesh for the first time. This may be the first ever victimless crime.”

    • guERRA says:

      I laughed so hard when KingKtulu wrote a GM message saying “IS THERE NOONE ELSE?!” and 20 minutes later the botnets started going again.

      Bro, if you finally get out of the line of fire, don’t call them bad for missing.

    • TheKing says:

      ROFL people are streaming LoL.

      I’d rather not stream than stream LoL to keep my audience from leaving so I can bank that big 50$ extra.

      • Xardas says:

        Yesterday european LoL servers were not working due to all the new people moving from HoN to LoL.
        So sad lol.

    • Revenant says:


    • sweetea says:

      where is dota 2 when we need it

    • S2Nome says:

      For those curious, it’s white guys from England and Croatia doing this. Please do not peg this on Indians or Muslims.

    • S2Maliken says:


    • S2MsPudding says:

      I’ve had four dicks in me at once.

    • S2Nome says:

      I pretended to be a girl to get into DonExodus’ pants.

    • Yes. says:

      How to send interesting screenshots to DRD members?

    • S2DivA says:

      I love cock (esp. Maliken’s).

      • S2Maliken says:

        motherfuckers if u think imma return ur money for this shittly balanced game, ure wrong. whos mad?

    • JayDubs says:

      clearly LoL payed these sandN!ggers to DDoS as a marketing ploy to get people to switch to LoL

      Riot has no business ethics

    • Pubio says:


    • anon says:


    • Frewbags says:

      hope these little faggots get dumpster stomped and taken to the cleaners

    • soundofbread says:

      wow you nerds are really angry, go outside? call your real life friends?

    • pewpewstar says:

      Soooooo… when were visa and mastercard sites down due to ddos attacks?

    • midwar says:

      i present to you, the h4mmer meme



      have a contest on this shit raven

    • nako says:

      i pretended to be a girl and emperor fell in love with me

    • swindlemelonzz says:

      I’m switching to LoL.

    • S2Maliken says:

      i already did.

    • Roger says:

      So daggius… How you feel about Devourer? Like that hero?

    • S2Nome says:

      my name is sXy.JasmineLily

    • Hussein says:

      SUK MY K0K


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