Parasite — HoN Hero Guide


Parasite is a melee Intelligence hero in Heroes of Newerth.

His first ability: LEECH

Casted on a single target, it steals movement speed for 4 seconds and deals moderate magic damage. This is his only form of magic damage and also his only snare

His second ability: INFEST

Allows him to ‘Infest’ an ally neutral or enemy non-ancient creep, gaining bonus attack speed, damage and movement speed. While infested the creep passively loses 2% of his max health every second, making the maximum duration up to 15 seconds, if it doesn’t take damage from an enemy unit. Parasite can also kill his host, instantly healing himself for a percentage (%) of his health pool. He also gains any gold/experience that he would normally gain by killing the host.

His third ability: DRAINING VENOM

Is a passive venom that applies to a target on attack, the venom reduces all sources of damage that the target does to Parasite whether magical or physical. At the same time he also increases all damage he does to the target. The bonuses will also work while infesting a creep.

His ultimate: FACE HUG

Causes Parasite to leap at the face of a single foe dealing a burst of magic damage and swapping any debuff to the target while stealing any positive buffs from it. This skill also silences the enemy for a short duration. Stealing positive buffs applies to a few more than a few small bonuses, even Double-Damage rune effect or Jeraziah’s ultimate can be stolen, giving this ability amazing potential.

Recommended Skill Build

  1. Infest
  2. Leech
  3. Leech
  4. Draining Venom
  5. Leech
  6. Facehug
  7. Leech
  8. Draining Venom
  9. Draining Venom
  10. Draining Venom
  11. Facehug
  12. Infest
  13. Infest
  14. Infest
  15. Stats
  16. Facehug
  17. Stats -> Level 25

Recommended Item Build

  • Bucker / Hatchet / Tangos
  • Helm of the Black Legion
  • Steamboots / Ghost Marchers
  • Frostfield Plate / Hellflower
  • Shrunken Head


Parasite’s Abilities Tips and Tricks

Leech gives you ms and slows enemy. GREAT tool for harassing + beating people to rune (If you solo middle)

Leech is also awesome when running away, always ALWAYS turn back to apply the slow. You slow them + gain a significant speed boost.

Infest removes ALL debuffs from you. For example, if keeper of the forest ulties you, just infest a creep it’ll be gone. Of course, when you infest a creep and your creep has debuffs, consuming it will not transfer debuffs on to you.

Beware, your ultimate can be disjointed. If you’re ulting someone and they blink before you reach them. it won’t register.

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