Riot rolls out $5M of Season 2 LoL prize money

Oh snap, looks like Riot didn’t want to be the small son on the block.  They just answered Valve’s 1 million dollar Dota 2 tournament with a big money drop of their own:

The League of Legends Season Two prize pool will feature a record setting $5 million prize pool!

The money will be funding prizing for local, national and international tournaments to foster and grow the League of Legends eSports scene. For starters, the new season will feature weekly livestreams of our ongoing regional tournaments in North America, and across both European environments, so stay tuned for more information on these broadcasts and to see a lot more of League of Legends enthusiasts like Phreak, Rivington III and Nikasaur.



    • BttClass says:


    • ThePrince says:

      Ah damn, can’t wait for that dominion mode. This Dota 2 just seems to be a cheap clone and HoN I mean they can’t keep their stuff together man!

    • maddiebaddie says:

      HoN mad? )

    • WaffleCocker says:

      riot thinking they are big players. LEWL

      5 million over an entire season compared to one dota2 tourney with 1mil prize money.

      if there are five or more tourneys in the dota 2 season with equal or greater value, then a dota 2 season will blow riot and its faggy lil steampunk fanfic bullshit game out of the water

      • Showerpro says:

        Good for the genre. Still a shit game, though.

      • Tashan Dorsett says:

        $5 million is a large chunk of change no matter how you slice it, and they’re able to afford this even with no spectator mode or official replays. Nevermind the fact that for being such a supposedly scrubby game the LoL stream at Dreamhack drew more viewers than both SC2 streams combined. Riot doesn’t think they’re big players. They _ARE_ the big players and they know it.

        On top of that, this DotA2 Invitational tournament is a one-off promotional stunt, it’s not even in open beta yet and it’s going to take a while for people to take the game seriously until there’s a few months time period where it’s clear that shit isn’t broken with the new engine and whatever balance tweaks have been made in the interim. Think back to how long it took people to take 6.xx seriously vs 5.84, or how long it took people to take HoN *airquotes* “seriously” vs DotA proper.

        I’m not saying that DotA2 doesn’t have a chance, assuming nothing catastrophic happens it’ll definitely pull respectable numbers. But there’s room for both DotA2 and LoL in the MOBA scene, so you’re just going to have to get used to a significant chunk of the greater MOBA community playing a game you don’t like or think is scrubby. Welcome to being a Quake 3 player 12 years ago.

        Oh, and there IS a game being blown out of the water in this mess, and it’s name is Heroes of Newerth. But you didn’t need me to tell you that. ;)

        • WaffleCocker says:

          You have an excellent point sir. I concede this victory to you. But fair warning! In time you shall see dota 2 rise as the champion it deserves to be. HoN and LoL will be crushed in its mighty wake. Well, definitely HoN will be crushed but LoL may make it out reasonably well.

          I bid you good day Tashan Dorsett and look forward to conversating with you again.


      big mistake by riot! why are they struggling? just allow the big dick of valve to sodomize that amateur ass.

    • TheKing says:

      The topic should be S2 just got rolled out of the building.

      They simply cannot compete with this. Hon’s gone.

      To give the readers an example here, when were pandering to HoN-only, we got 7000 views a day. Now that we’re doing LoL and Dota 2, we had like 37,000 views yesterday, crashing the site and making us have to upgrade our hosting.

      Hon just really isn’t much.

    • soundofbread says:


    • Dre says:

      Posts article about Chu shit talking LoL

      Advertises LoL tournament

      Scumbag Dotallyrad

    • Player-13 says:

      $5 mill total prize pool
      $1 mill 1st place award


    • Sei says:

      1.6$ one time reward vs 5 million$ reward spanning at least 6 months? Valve wins

      • broolstory says:

        Yeah I mean that means Valve just have to lol have this tournament at least another 2 times over the next 6 months to get near the $5 million mark…

        IE – $1 million rand winner prize money every 2 months to just get close

        Give credit where credit is due – HoN responded by crying and going free to play – Riot responded by ill see your $1mil and raise you $4mil

        That doesnt mean Riot isnt going to have more big prize pools – just means Riot played damn well here. Valve, the court is yours.

        • asd says:

          not really, $5mil spread out over every tornament for the entire seasaon 2 which lasts what? 2 years? that’s not that surprising.

    • Candyass says:

      LoL still sucks no matter how much money they push.

      Keep yo head down, eyes open, legs closed. Be a good girl.

    • Dre says:

      Who gives a fuck about prize pools. 99% of you are pub trash like me, so play for pub trash

    • Aeowulf says:

      Always wondered why people get mad about money they can’t win.

      Also, Lol@S2, what are they gonna offer since they are so “broke”, diva should offer one of this jaguar print snuggies.

    • B-b-b-b-b-ig--plays says:


    • Dre says:

      Competitive players the always the smallest player base of any game. ANY GAME

      The sooner you learn that the smarter you’ll be. Wait nevermind, this is dotallytard

    • asdadasda says:

      LoL gameplay just isn’t that interesting to me. DotA>HoN>LoL. Assuming valve does a good job with DotA 2 a lot of people will switch to it. LoL isn’t an option for people like me who like denies, tps, a tiny map, and dislike free blink dagger.

    • HurrDurrBurr says:

      S2’s 10 million tourney =()

    • frant says:

      im hony…

    • the game says:

      riot is seriously pretending their game is competitive?

      why? theres nothing wrong with having a successful casual game

    • wHopper says:

      SHIT SON!

    • Johnnyderp says:

      I’d rather just play Dota2/HoN than have 5 million while playing LoL.

    • MADxSTYLINxxSNIPER says:

      Maybe if Riot throws enough money at people someone will take their fisher price version of DotA seriously.

      Just kidding. LoL will never be taken seriously as a competitive game.

    • Xardas says:

      Dem niggers think they can compete with hot shit, lol.

    • CronoDroid says:

      Although you have to remember, isn’t S2 backed by Maliken’s extensive portfolio which may or may not include a multi-million dollar porn empire? Game developers don’t even compare to how much money porn makes, so if it is at all true, Maliken could find some way to fandangle the books and drop a multi-million dollar prize pool too.

      Unlikely, but possible.

    • Balroken says:

      Should of spent that money on proper tornament support bunch of retards.

    • Hiruma says:

      LoL is a casual game. Trying to push it into competitive while 99.9% of your players are public trashes?


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