’s Partner Program ads: daring you to get Adblocker’s COO was just on Reddit, where he bragged they were the first streaming site to use commercial breaks, in their partner program. These commercials seem like a major mis-step. The 30 second long, full-window commercials, especially the pre-roll ones, are so invasive and annoying: you can’t X-out the commercials if you’re not interested and you can’t watch the stream until they are done playing. They’re basically an open invitation for viewers to get an adblocker plugin fast.

I don’t get how thinks these are a good idea. People who watch gaming streams are computer nerds and if they don’t have Adblocker already, they at least know it exists. A Google search, a download, and 5 minutes later they have it installed and never see an ad again. All it takes is for them to get annoyed enough. Then Twitch doesn’t even make money from its less annoying ads, which get blocked out too.

It’s hilarious because if no one sees ads, Twitch’s revenue is zero. Adblockers are the number one threat to their success. Yet here they are basically encouraging people to get them by throwing up insanely invasive commercials.

YouTube almost never has these kind of commercials and they are the #1 video site in the world. They have tiny banners at the bottom of a video you can close, and sidebars that don’t stop you from watching stuff. Partners get a share from these banners, where on Twitch they do not.

People on the internet don’t have the tolerance for a 30 sec commercial. This ploy is destined to fail. Being less annoying, like YouTube is, is safer and smarter long term.

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    • EGIdra says:

      Actually, youtube has many 30-second ads. It’s an option for the uploader just like it’s an option for the streamer.

      • TKOLOL'S EYE BAGS says:

        the only option for twitch partners is the 30 sec commercial.

        all the rest the ads on twitch benefit twitch alone.

        • daggius says:

          I guess maybe they relying on the streamer to not annoy the viewer with commercial breaks since that’s the streamers only source of revenue.

          But I think even 1 or 2 of those 30 sec things could piss ppl off enough to get adblocker, happened for me after watching a few hon streams that had pre roll commercials on

    • Diokhan says:

      adblock ftw. It is easy enough to turn it off from streams you really want to support, while keeping it on at streams you watch occasionally and until they have proven to “deserve” to be crossed off the block list.
      Agreed though, casual viewers don’t care about supporting the streamers and huge % of them are smart enough to have the adblock installed. This makes it harder for new streamers with low amount of viewers, but community favourites like Moon have hundreds of viewers with adblock turned off.
      All in all, it is twitch and the non-popular streamers that suffer the most.

    • Who Cares says:

      You ignorant boy should grow up.

      Adds are for the once you just watch, so watch at them for 30seconds god damn…

      Stop thinking anything in the internet is for free and doesnt deserve some money in any way!

      If you consume pay for it, at least with 30seconds of your meaningless lifetime.

    • pubfucked says:

      I like how not only are they making annoying commercials that stays up for 30 seconds. But is there any profit in making commercials about the brand new BMW 1 series for guys in the age of 16-21 (maybe not everyone’s in that age, but a big majority is)? I think not.

      • daggius says:

        There’s a thread on hon forums somewhere that says avg hon player’s age is 23

        Median is lower tho I’m sure, prolly a few old guys bringing the avg up more than some 12 year olds bring it down

        • pubfucked says:

          Yeah, I could imagine both parts of what you’re saying. Still don’t think many 23 year olds can afford brand new BMWs. I can understand a car commercial on posters/tv – like more in the “public scene”, but not for gamers. I think you know where I’m getting at, but now we’re getting off topic.

    • pubfucked says:

      BTW is “mad” mathmeander?

    • twitch says:


      FUCKING RETARDS… All nerds use addblock…

    • says:

      actually, just a year ago there was a report on how youtube was still not profitable despite google owning it for several years.

    • [DRD] Pubio says:

      I’m a giant fucking asocial nerd, who wants to 1v1 me?

    • pubstep says:


    • Maki says:

      After watching a lot of streams those ads with just pissed me off the wholetime,.. and I got an adblock asap.. so twitch ruining themself, who cares wit that.

    • drdhugefan says:

      delete your lies and apologize

    • Domherren says:

      the annoying thing about the commercials is that u need to ESC to get out of it and make it fullscreen again to be able to mute it.

    • MANNERSPLZ says:

      there are full video ads on moon’s youtube, but it allows you to skip them after five or ten seconds at least

    • lolatdrd says:

      comparing with google is pretty retarded xDDDD

      its like comparing Saab(a car company that recently went bankrupt for all the ignorant people here) with General Motors ~~

      And its mostly in the honscene the kids block the commercials anyways :) sc2 and on jtv(aka non gaming streams) the cashflow’s great. so maybe u should focus on a better age group then 12year olds? ;)

    • GGGGGG says:

      Why does the annoyingness of ads keep rising even though you wont see any? Also shitpost, get out of drd trashbag

    • DoucheNigga says:

      I somehow don’t get ads.


    The DRD Insult Generator says:

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