Brotally Bad

Hey bros. Take a knee.

I know alot of people aren’t too happy with the posts that have recently been coming out, and I can sympathize. I know many of you did not enjoy the unfunny, beating of the dead horse that is HoNCast, reading a boring made up interview with some shitstain Nome and traversing Raven’s mind through his fetishes that come in the form of automotive transport; but then I look at the Daggius’ attempt to bring up a topic of value , and it gets far less views and half the comments that one of said shitty articles gets…

So what do you guys want? You don’t come here for substance, that’s obvious by how you guys are so happy to post menial banter on some totally unrelated shit, but when it comes to discussions of value, you remain ever so quiet.

And I can hear it right now; “we come for the mad!”. That is fair enough, but even Raven can only put out so many things that appeal to the knuckle dragging troglodytes that visit this site before he himself becomes so uninspired that writing about his distaste for Audi’s on a gaming site for Dota/HoN becomes a preferable alternative. Providing mad posts everyday would take all the fun out of those posts. It would be like watching Jiggle Billy play Devourer all day, everyday – at first its funny, but as it drags on and loses it’s appeal, you start feeling sorry for the child’s parents and start wondering why he has stopped taking his antipsychotic drugs.

All in all, you have to trek through these shitty posts so that when Raven busts his nut of sweet, sweet mad, you can savor the glory of it all the more.

So whats going on in Dota/HoN/LoL? Not fucking much. That’s why it is so hard to write for these games when they have fallen into a dull status quo that seems to be unending. S2 are still fucking shit up – should we make a post for every stupid thing they do? No, its pointless. You would be here for half your life coming up with dot points of S2’s general level of shittiness. Dota 2 is a fucking bore that is never worth mentioning.  A new Dota patch has 20 times the amount of changes that S2 give their patches, and yet the game remains ever-the-same boring piece of shit that it is. League of Legends? Does arguably the best game in the genre need to be discussed? Why are you reading instead of playing LoL?

While we wait for something actually interesting to happen in these games, let us enjoy each others company.

And what are your opinions on dubstep?


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    • Rahul says:

      big post

    • mexykanu says:

      As you said, diversity is a good thing to have. Therefore Raven’s post was not a bad thing at all (my opinion). Keep in mind that Daggius also posts MTGO stuff on the same gaming site for HoN/Dota.
      If there’s nothing to talk about of hon/dota/lol, that doesn’t mean that needs to die.

      Otherwise, it was a good read.

      P.S. 99% of dubstep is like listening to a man’s balls hit your cheek while his dick is inside your ear. In the other 1% you can’t hear the balls, but just feel them tickle you.

      P.P.S. Free grammar lesson: “Hey bro’s.” should be written as “Hey bros.”

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    • snommelc_t_Tocs says:

      shut up faggot. your piece of shit posts are the worst thing on this site.

    • twitch says:

      I came here to say im mad!

    • pubfucked says:

      Heh, agreed with pretty much everything you said. Raven talking about german cars was personally a fun post since I like them almost as much as he does.

      I wish moon would stream more when I’m NOT working, and that’s pretty much it. The reason I visit this site is because I don’t play as much as I did before simply because I’ve played it for over two years, and therefore grown pretty tired of it. So chilling out after work watching a stream is more fun imo.

      And Raven bro, come to Sweden during dream hack and I’ll let you test drive my Audi and see if you change your mind about them. Can’t let an entry level A4 bias your whole opinion – you gotta drive the real deal.

    • Enervate says:


    • daggius says:

      damn sopranos hitting back to back home runs, stronk jelly up in here

      he def hit the nail on the head. id make big videos and posts every day but it takes work and when it comes down to it when u get home after a long day do u want to do more work or just get drunk and be a big slob? So then u gotta contract out to some small sons for articles

      btw me and raven going to review mens footwear next. whos big excited?

      also the point about not getting comments. its 100% true. the better a post is according to the fans, the less comments it gets. which makes it a worse post becaues its less controversial and this site is all about the controversy. cany win either way.

      • SWEET POTATO says:

        What happened to that big TylerG troll politics site?

        Also, I would love to hear about men’s footwear.

      • pubfucked says:

        I would love to hear your opinions on Armani Jeans (AJ), if you’ve had any experience with that brand.

    • piss says:

      man, I always saw sopranos as a huge dicksuck, then when dagg gives him posting rights he puts out 100% quality posts. what the dick?

    • zombiefart says:

      jesus, this thesopranos kid coming here all serious trying to give explanations.

      everyone knows what’s going on, we like to bash on drd, we like to bait you lifeless nerds that write on a blog (seriously who the fuck writes a blog nowadays that’s so 2001), we like the mad and shitty posts are part of any reality.

      stop being such a cockblocking reasonable human being thesopranos, insult us more, give us less explanations. it’s drd for fuck’s sake, who gives a shit about reason

    • qwerty says:

      I’d rather have no posts at all than no quality posts, because in case one I only waste 30 seconds to check for good content and see that there’s nothing and in case two I have to read piss just to see if it might be good, and reading piss is never fun

    • justin bieber says:

      hey im no journalist but i must say i appreciate all of youz guyz articulate writing. the subject matter doesnt matter much its all entertaining. when u write good stuff like this its fun to read no matter what. keep up the good stuff. raven is a dirt shit moron noob etc etc bla bla

    • [S2]Maliken says:

      quality post

    • KingRaven says:

      I have a few issues and here they are:

      1). Due to the fact I work full time, along with Daggius, it’s hard to get any good games in of HoN/DotA 2/Anything else. Personally, I haven’t played in almost a week. I do have a folder that has a bunch of shit in it, but it takes a while to organize it all into a movie.

      2). With us being busy, disgusting shit slobs like AWOL and other 1400 rated pub trash has leaked into the clan. I feel like Daggius, myself, moon and others have put a tremendous amount of work into DRD and there are little no ones running around ruining the tag. I clean it up but they keep coming back. Dick offs invite whomever, and it really pisses me off.

      3). I have no motivation at this point to play HoN or write for dotallyrad. This will change, but right now, unless I get some fun idea, it’s hard to conjure up the will to write about HoN. The game is such a massive shit fest with new heroes/items every 2 weeks it’s impossible to stay on top if.

      4). I did not approve Rickster/Soproanos to write for dotallyrad. This is what happens when Daggius starts trying to be a big boy and make his own decisions. Small son.

    • Starving African Child says:

      Nice try to save face buddy. Like I said before DRD isn’t a 24 hour news program obligated to bring constant content. How about you reread your article first and ask yourself, “Is this a shitty regurgitated shitpost that will be rightfully hated?”

    • not daggius says:

      is dubstep a band or a genre?

    • miggerficks says:

      drd on the hard defensive, go easy on them trolls

    • sonbro senior says:

      raven afraid of evolution. gotta bring in the new blood and give kids a shot. site getting updated 2 times a month not going to cut it. if you’re that afraid of change you might never move out of your parents house, 30 year old raven man boy kid who is nothing.

      -keeping it real in san clemente

    • [DRD] Pubio says:

      Bro, I hit that big F5 key and check DRD roughly 900 times a day to check for new posts and I’m rewarded with this shit? I’d rather masturbate with a cheese grater again than read another sopranos post. You fucking faggot fuck.

    • Sad. says:

      More shit posts from DRD, can’t expect much I guess. Grats on your website going down the toilet just like HoN. I’m glad I didn’t order a shirt because I’d be ashamed to wear it now.

    • Assviolator69 says:

      Hardstyle for life.

    • BreakyKFC says:

      dont care about this post, or any post, just come here to see the moba scene drama and shit and when its not going on i just take what i can get.

    • rudumb says:

      why doesnt kingraven have a crown icon anymore so we can know when it’s actually him posting? you shit stain daggius put that shit back.

    • Pathard says:

      I think you mixed Dota 2 and LoL up at the end… yeah. Good post either way, I play both.

    • BreakyKFC2 says:

      dun care i only look

    • Charlie Murphy says:

      shut up assfag this site hasn’t been funny in months, carry on

    • smallson says:

      write shit post
      people mad
      poster mad
      everyone mad

      it’s a mad, mad world

    • nubpub says:

      idk what i want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      surprise me!

    • RDWFGT says:

      More mtg please daggius.

    • sweetjoe says:

      You are doing good… but THAT TWAT KINGRAVEN needs to be deoped… He posts such irrelevant shit on this blog that i makes me never wanna visit again! I come here to read about Mobagames – dota / lol and Hon… not about cars or some other random shit!

    • gay_baby420 says:

      I don’t think it’s so much that people aren’t reading the high-effort articles, it’s that there’s not as much shit that can be thrown at them compared to bad stuff like the fake Nome interview. Daggius’ article was pretty much correct on all counts, is there really anything else to say about it beyond “I agree”?

    • jc says:

      drd is dead

    • GEEKNIGGER says:


    • KingNoobPub says:

      “So what do you guys want?”
      Are you fucking kidding me? We want THE MAD.

    • [Riot]Nome says:


      but kryptic minds/biome/pinch etc are imba <3

    • huber says:

      people get mad when they care more about a game they are getting beaten at. nobody cares about hon anymore.

      go jump into those dota2 leagues and get some kids mad. boom content.

    • dork_face says:

      player flames and chat rats

    • soundofbread says:


    • welp says:

      Trolling HoN, HoN Drama, DotA 2 news… That’s what we want. How hard is this you fucking nigger?

    • dickbutt says:

      “Daggius’ attempt to bring up a topic of value”

      Sorry the article you linked was just a shitty player whining about a shitty game being too hard for severely autistic people, where was the topic of value mentioned?

      • TheSopranos says:

        Sorry we can’t all be highbrowed, Lancet reading, intellectuals like you.

        • nerd says:

          TL;DR for this terrible DRD post: TheSopranos tries to excuse his lacklustre attempt at sensationalist writing by saying “Not much is going on in HoN right now”, as if that line lets him off the hook for producing such drivel. He then futilely tries to generate non-DOTA/HON traffic on this site by asking about dubstep, forgetting that people come to DRD to read about HoN/DOTA, and not talk about shitty music. You wouldn’t read about cake baking in a music magazine, would you?

          But the funniest part about all of this is TheSopranos basically has Raven’s cock shoved so far down his throat, he can’t even express any real, original opinions of his own.

          “2). With us being busy, disgusting shit slobs like AWOL and other 1400 rated pub trash has leaked into the clan. I feel like Daggius, myself, moon and others have put a tremendous amount of work into DRD and there are little no ones running around ruining the tag. I clean it up but they keep coming back. Dick offs invite whomever, and it really pisses me off.

          4). I did not approve Rickster/Soproanos to write for dotallyrad. This is what happens when Daggius starts trying to be a big boy and make his own decisions. Small son.”

          Sound like anybody you know? Notice how TheSopranos skirts around the elephant in the room: That KingRaven thinks TheSopranos is exactly like the no-name nerds that plague the DRD clan, all of who are despised by KingRaven. Raven makes a backhanded insult to TheSopranos, and TheSopranos is too scared to take a shot back at his idol.

          It’s really funny, KingRaven consistently treats his fans like shit, treats anyone in the DRD clan that isn’t moon/wac/robert/hammy like shit, treats the guest writers as shit, and at the end of the day, nerds still flock to his penis to suck it off. I mean, on a certain level, you just gotta respect that. All he needs to do now is write a book, and he can start his own cult. The guy writes funny material, sure, but the real joke here is that all these nerds commenting and defending Raven, he couldn’t care less about them.

    • fuckraven says:

      dubstep is for kids
      so perfect for drd members.. get a life retards
      fucking kids im sick of all the posts on this shitpage

    • dumbnigger says:

      you guys are getting mad gay with the ad selling. stop writing gay ass posts like this for ad loot you faggots


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