The Most Disgusting Publics on the Entire Planet

It’s been a while since I wrote. I’ve busy with work and not gaming much but recently started to play a bit of HoN again and need to get this off my chest.

It’s about the worst people you can ever play video games with.

Forget about the USA vs EU debate and forget about Brazilians.

We all had to endure the BRs and still do a bit. Now that Maliken gave South America that big continental divorce it should be clearer to almost anyone now where the highest concentration of disgusting gamers exists.

The country is Australia and yes, it’s also where I come from.

I’ve gone to the trouble of placing a red circle around the offending region.

The great land down under is a nation which boasts being home to the worst people to play games with on the entire planet and if an alien civilisation was discovered that is full of horrible disgusting public gamers, then it would still be better to play games with these aliens than your average Australian.

Being a bit harsh? I’ll go over my reasons.

Ping Times

It’s a well known fact Aussies get at least 250-350ms ping times. Actually, this is a best case scenario.

If I get anything under 300 I will literally jizz my pants with delight, and this doesnt happen often (both the ping times and the jizzing as I’m getting old). There are three cable systems that connect Australia to the rest of the world. The main one is SXC (the southern cross connection) which runs from Sydney to the US and goes via either Fiji or New Zealand. If you live in Sydney or Melbourne then it’s not so bad and you might get the 250-350 ping times. There is also one that runs from Perth to Japan. Playing on the Japanese servers used to be OK before TMM, but yeah, that’s passed. Finally there’s a dumpy cable system that connects us to Singapore, and it’s way overloaded and sucks pretty hard – if your traffic is routed through here you’re in big trouble. That’s a common path to Europe.

The point I’m getting at, is that if you don’t live in the South Eastern metro centres of Australia – which I believe is where slickz and his team of nerds who manage to somehow play at a competitive level come from – then you probably wont even get those 300 ping times. You’ll probably get 400-500ms ping time or even more if you live in any of the 5 or so other capitals. If you’re from the outback and wanting to play games don’t even bother you’ll get owned so hard that it would be more fun to have a dingo bite your donger off, mate.

Somehow these guys managed to do well in spite of being Australian and won some money and I believe that one of them even managed to get laid as a result of being good at games so mad props for that.

What this means is that when you play HoN or DotA you click the button and then half a second later the little guy you’re controlling does what you told it to. And while you can somewhat adapt to last hitting in this manner, the real problem presents itself mostly in controlling your character for lane harass and quickly adjusting positioning, and also makes a pretty big difference when you are chasing a hero in and out of the fog.

Anyway, this became a bit of a whinge but it does set up the point that Australian gamers lose a considerable amount of ‘skill’ through their shitty connections. As such they are often playing in brackets with people who have less understanding of the game. I know this because when I’ve travelled and played on a better connection the matches I’m playing just suddenly start to feel heaps easier and I can play carries a lot better and actually have more influence on games myself.

This is one part of the genesis of the bitter and twisted ball of hatred that is the average Australian gamer and it may sound like an excuse for Australians but it’s definitely not the only problem.

Odious Personalities

There’s a lot of filthy, angry virgins out there playing video games. It’s not restricted to HoN and DotA but as we all know these are particularly disgusting communities of gamers. However, it’s fair to mention that in many years of playing video games the most prime dickheads I have ever encountered come from my own back yard. It’s hard to imagine all the years of inappropriate father-son relationships that would lead to such terrible people existing.

Since the Brazilians got dumpstered, I’ve noticed this more and more often as I get to play with more Aussies. These kids somehow meet each other and are often out to ruin games in teams. They will throw matches, flood chat and spew vulgar and unironic racism after the slightest disagreement with the team or as a result of personal frustration from being put away early due to their own bad play.


We’re not just talking about the regular stuff that people throw at Moon for laughs. We’re talking about gross and unrepeatable attacks (even by DRD standards) that everyone has heard at some point.

The Australians are, I’m certain, among the worst people in the world for this right up there with South Africa, Greece and Nazi Germany. We’ve been home to more than our fair share of racial issues including race riots, supremacists and the fact that the Golden Dawn party from Greece was able to quickly and easily establish a chapter in this country just recently. It’s not restricted to any one race within Australians either, anyone who has grown up in Australia has probably learnt these values. There’s just quite a lot of haters here, simple as that.

Another thing: the most amusing statement I’ve heard from people raging at people from other countries is to use the economic success of that person’s country as a means of attacking them, personally. Here’s some real talk for you if you’re the kind of person who does that.

Yeah, No. Australia’s sense of ‘team play’ and ‘work ethic’ and all that is not the only factor that made the country rich. There’s a lot of minerals and good farmland and stuff shared amongst not many people. There are also a number of other little head starts we got too, and yeah there were also some clever people who made shit happen. This counts for Americans and others from the higher OECD countries who claim this crap too. Yeah you came from a successful country but chances are it is not successful because of people like you but in spite of people like you. It’s like a kid who got carried up a couple of hundred MMR by Testie using the same broken logic to convince himself that he is good or has improved.

This shit might dawn on you when you wake up one day to find yourself thrown in the global unemployment dumpster because your shitty tech support job has been outsourced or the button pushing job you had driving a train full of dirt from mine to port for a salary that was too high has finally been automated (you know, when a computer steals your job). You’ll be replaced by a set of logical rules or one of the very people you unironically think is inferior because they come from a poorer place than you. You probably won’t learn from this experience either, because you’re an idiot.

The Final Solution

Valve, S2 and any other game publisher who may be reading this I have one request. Ban all the Australians from US and European servers. Allow Australians to play only among themselves and maybe the SEA region. And yes this includes me too. After being trapped in with a bunch of my own people I’ll probably become so nauseated at the thought of playing another online video game that I’ll go from someone who only plays a little bit now, to never playing at all.

And that would be for the best. After all, video games are for children.



    • assburgers says:

      the thought of playing with thais and filthy pinoys makes me want to live in huehueland

    • Dumpsteredkid says:

      I couldn’t agree more.. at the time BR monkeys were so dominate you would hardly get any aussies or NZ, I went mid and asked for a courier upgrade and I instantly got bombarded by “Buy it yourself, you fat americunt” despite having a glacius and DS on the team.. I asked why the fuck would I buy it when we have 2 support turns… its it was a group of 3 aussies and they exploded with rage throwing shit out like “You have a nigger for a president” etc… Stuff completely irrelevant to the game.

      • biden says:

        Obama is all about the interests of rich white men; you can’t really call him a nigger in seriousness.

        • awwwsnap says:

          Last time i checked, niggers do the bidding for rich white men. At least that’s what it used to be… people just throw the word nigger around like fuck. Lol, insult fads.

    • Hitsuguya says:

      This is all true. And the fact that they can speak English makes it worse than playing with someone you at least can’t understand.

    • biden says:

      aussies should be banned from writing for DRD, while you’re at it

      • suckmyasshole says:


        harrybrown is the most fucking boring, dull, retarded fuckwit that posts on this site. i could tell it was him after the first paragraph of wannabe witty shit.

    • gay says:

      “recently started to play a bit of HoN again”

      Stopped reading here, sorry brother but nobody gives a fuck about a game that can’t even touch a 3rd of the active players of a game thats still in beta


      • YourDad says:

        so wtf you trying to say, dota is this golden turd at the bottom of the toilet? hate to burst your bubble fan boy, league of bads still shitting on you, burying you and that golden turd. oh yeh, lets not forget awesome dota balance, valks ult in an item, minotaurs that stun across the map for free. amazing meta game bro. dota 2 sucks, just too bad the thought of the old warcraft engine makes you cream your panties you’ll over look anything to suck ice frogs dick.

        • haharetard says:

          haha, you are dumb as fuck.

          • Anonymous says:

            Typical valve tard… only response to facts is calling someone dumb.
            P.S I don’t refer to them as dotards anymore. That would imply they are playing DotA. What they are playing is a cheap copy, a replica with the name stolen from DotA.

            Only thing DotA and “dota2″ have in common is the shitty UI the kill announcers and the names. This is coming from someone who played DotA during wc3 RoC when “God” was a playable hero.

            • Digger Nick says:

              While you’re mostly right, you forgot to conveniently mention how ‘valk’s ult in a item’ dispels if you get about 800 range to someone and how it may or may not pay off successfully.

              I don’t know about you but I’m really not in the mood to go back to those horrid turnrates and attack animations in warcraft 3. It’s still a beta, you’re quick to judge. Oh and I still don’t get it if you’re dissing dota2 over hon or over DotA. Arguing is pointless anyway. I’m so fucking sick to my stomach to see Templar Asassin, Invoker, Batrider, Darkseer, Leshrac, Rubick, Naga and FUCKING BOUNTY HUNTER in every fucking game. I probably hate TA and BH the most out of all the bunch.

              • Anonymous says:

                Sorry the entire dota2 engine sucks within itself. No concedes? You can pause the game without voting. The slow and clunkyness… I know its still in beta but unless they dramatically overhaul the entire game its going to suck.

                Also i was dissing Dota2 period. DotA was great for ITS TIME. Valve wouldve done so much better if they took all the heroes and upgraded everything bad about dota not ported it in so they can have a copy of a game with better graphics. They might as well created a brand new RTS and had icefrog make a mod for it.

                • Rowdy says:

                  Too bad all of the broken mechanics and input delay won’t change because Icefrog balances around it and thinks its all integral to the game (no shit some people actually believe this). And he won’t ever put a concede option in, DotA 2 is full of gook rice fags who love to sit there and watch that gpm go up even when its an obvious loss 50 minutes later. Kids aren’t even playing the game half the time.

                  • DIDN'T READ LOL says:

                    It’s still a better game than HoN. That will never change while S2 is in charge. HoN had so much more potential in its baby phase than DoTA 2 ever did, and they blew it.


                    • SmallretardedSon says:

                      HoN had more potential than a game named after one of the best mods ever made? You sir are fucking retarded.

                      • DIDN'T READ LOL says:

                        Don’t call me sir, fat son, call me papi. HoN did have more potential, and you know it. Don’t be a dumb Icefrog fanboy, remove your lips from his shriveled cock and think about the facts for a second. The facts are, HoN has a better response time, smoother and better graphics, better UI, (had) a better shop before they dumbed it down for BRs and bad 1300s like you, and a player rating system that you can actually see, which DoTA 2 still doesn’t have. It also separated the good players from the bad players by color. For example, if you and I queued up, I would be blue, and you would be brown, you’d insta pick Flint Beastwood, buy a bottle, and refuse to do anything but autoattack mid and feed. I’d pick up a solid carry like Madman, farm, shitroll the other team and then you’d grovel at my feet and thank me for the win.


                      • DIDN'T READ LOL says:

                        Of course this is all past tense, because as I said, S2 fucked up big time and turned HoN into a joke. You’re welcome for the free education, put it on your community college transcript.

                    • Rowdy says:

                      DotA 2 is in its baby phase and Valve has already blown it. The problems with DotA are considered integral mechanics by IceFrog and the unskilled, retarded percentage of the community (about 97%). If they fix that shit before retail I’d be surprised and might actually pick it back up. But I’m not holding my breath; i doubt Valve wants to alienate 97% of its playerbase.

                      • mops says:

                        “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”

                        I think DotA2 blows.
                        Case closed.

                  • awwwsnap says:

                    You kids make me laugh. Don’t you realize that when HoN had potential, it was doing nothing but stealing from Dota. Copying mechanics 100%, stealing heroes, items, and the like. Icefrog was rumored to be on S2’s payroll at that time, and once he was picked up by Valve all of it stopped. S2, then proceeded to shit on their game, and everyone playing it.

                    While i didn’t like playing with BR’s, the blatant disrespect of this company banning it’s players from international servers says it all, really. I don’t even need to mention the retard balance of the game itself. Everything about HoN is just subpar when compared to Dota2. Valve actually has good reasoning behind everything they do. S2 just alienates itself and its community over and over. It’s sad, but expected, really.

                    I, unfortunately, spent the $30 to preorder that shitty game. What a slap in the face when it dropped to $10, and then to a microtransaction game. These fucks didn’t even know how they wanted to run their game when they released it, and still don’t.

                    • StompYouIntoDust says:

                      “Valve actually has good reasoning behind everything they do.”
                      HAHAHAHAHAHAH my sides.

                      “Hey we don’t want to show you players mana pool because it makes it competitive to not know how much mana they have.”

                      *Click on the Hero*
                      Mana, Health and Items are displayed.

                      P.S the BR monkeys getting shit canned was one of the best things to ever happen to HoN ever Dotards would agree on it. The only people who wouldn’t agree on it was a poor DIRTY BR rat such as yourself.

                      • awwwsnap says:

                        Not showing manabars has reasoning behind it. It requires you to make a decision before a fight occurs rather than instantly knowing a hero’s mana. You don’t look at a hero’s manapool during a fight, you look at it before or after the fight. Fights would be quite different if manabars were shown as in HoN. Except for low-skill pool games that you play in, i suppose.

                        I’m from the USA, small child. Anyone with a brain can tell it was a mistake, what they did to the BRs. Think of how many of those players went to LoL, or Dota 2 after that. Those numbers would be quite interesting. Enjoy your dead game, kid.

                      • StompYouIntoDust says:

                        There is no reasoning. The game is so fucking slow you can click on the heroes before a fight and see their mana. Get icefrogs dick out of your mouth so you can actually start making sense. All of valves designs for dota2 are questionable. Regardless enjoy your 25$ couriers and the rest of the anal rape valve will throw at you for you to buy their hats and the rest of the stupid shit because they are too lazy to make skins. They rather have you pay for parts of a skin instead of selling you a skin for 5$ theyll sell you the skin for 30$ and you valve slaves will eat it all up.

                        Funny that you say its a dead game when it takes over 5 mins to get a queue in dota2 only to wait another 5 mins because so fat slob faggot like you didnt accept the queue. I get a game in HoN in 2-3 mins tops in the 1700 bracket.

                      • mops says:

                        God bless America

                      • awwwsnap says:

                        Like I said previously, what I said doesn’t seem to apply in low-skill matchmaking. 1700 in HoN now when all the really good players that aren’t competitive moved on to dota2? LoLbad. You don’t have to buy a single item in Dota2. I have a mythic courier, and a shit ton of other items. Spent $0. While I appreciate the people that will pay for these items because it helps Valve out, I won’t be doing it myself.

                        5 minutes to find a match? LOL. I find games in seconds on Dota during peak playing hours. You must be in the Low-skill bracket, like I said. I was just joking before, but that really just proves my point.

                • BRussian says:

                  Pausing and conceding has nothing to do with the engine dipshit.

    • GoldenArm says:

      Long article… let me help you:

      Australians are bad-harrybrown.


    • 4122 says:

      youse dissin straya? fucken step up cunt, harbour town carpark 10pm next friday

      • YourDad says:

        youre a bitch. i wish i could live in australia, so all i can stomp a mudhole in all you little turds that suddenly found some attitude once you got a keyboard and eminems new cd. australia land of the dingos, all bark no bite.



    • Balroken says:

      I’m an Australian, and I say sucked in you coon piece of shit go suck off a drop bear.

    • Ferk says:

      Fuck you cunt. I’m gonna stab you with my kbar.

    • swagbreaker says:


    • mops says:

      The Final Solution

      add a damn more tag

    • BIG DUNKED NERD says:

      no Australians with anything above dialup in the desert gets “400-500″ ping you fucking dumb cunt

    • mexykanu says:

      this dickhead wrote a 20 page mad article because he is bad at hon.

    • SafelyBenchedRaven says:

      Nice read, small son.

    • Anonymous says:


    • hugefaggot says:

      What sort of trashcan internet do you have which gives you 500ping? Sucks that you fail so hard in real life as to not afford non shit internet. Really sucks that you’re probably a garbage can in hon as well. Bad luck.


      • harrybrown says:

        Personally get about 300-350 myself which is mostly OK on telstra ultimate, but I’ve seen plenty of cases of ADSL 2 connections still rocking well over 400 to the states. Not sure why you would think anyone has trouble affording whatever internet they want. Money issues or something?

        • mops says:

          I ping about 250-280 on USW from India, 330 on USE, 160 on EU, 140 on JP and 340 on AU
          Garena SEA is like 50 ping

          I can play everywhere \m/

        • awwwsnap says:

          Damn kids how can you even enjoy online gaming with that shit ping? I feel sorry that you have nothing more fun to do than to play games online with terrible delay. :(

    • Ratface Rapier says:

      fuck yeah straya cunt

    • tittyCPK says:

      Aussies are the most racist of people. It makes ya feel sorry for the poor little abos that get treated like monkeys.

    • Mouse says:

      OP sounds like a massive nergin shitcunt.

    • The Insult Generator Made me Post says:

      FNTC WINS!

    • Sicness says:

      I used to get 450ping when i had 56k playing RoC.. upgrade your internet u fuckwit

    • caggotfunt says:

      400-500 ping?

      I live in what you would probably call “rural” queensland on ADSL2+ and never get over 300.

      Stick to offline games fucking grandaddygamer.

      2/10 for making me reply

    • IIIIlIIIlII says:

      I would have to Agree. I am from Australia and the players in the Aus queus are the most disgustingly racist and offensive people ever with no skill.

    • Viceroy says:

      Canadians are worse.

    • Tripp Deez says:

      Man, no. There are some Aussies I’d be really sad never to play with again.


    The DRD Insult Generator says:

    4 + 9 =