BREAKING NEWS: S2 User Database Hacked; passwords posted in twitch chat

Final update early Tuesday:

Looks like normalcy was achieved, S2 finally stops using MD5 for passwords like complete utter retards.

Still, lol at you if you still trust S2 after this shit.

update @ Sunday 7:00 EST:

You may want to uninstall immediately, HoN has a backdoor trojan included. It could be a hoax, but why take chances with S2? Red alert:


More to follow, currently ass deep in nerd shit on twitch trying to find out more. A “Ryan” has been posting the passwords thus far. Nir from Pika has already been affected so disregard small son posters, this is for real.

Moon gets logged out of his account mid-game on stream:

Nir getting logged out happened live just a while ago during a HonTour match. The match has been postponed indefinitely. No other major HoN streams are up. (In before no one cares about HoN, etc.)

Quote from a random twitcher Moon:

“Hacker has access to all non-admin hon accounts. I got hacked via Hon Database. Nir (who was streaming) also got his password leaked. The only hon streams up are Beefpotpie (who has admin) and latinohon (assuming he doesn’t have LHON passwords) and people less than 10 viewers. He’s selling access to any hon account you want to log into for 35 bucks a piece.”

6:40 EST Update, Ryan has admin accounts:


6:20 EST Update, more twitter lols:


Breaky endores Dotallyrad. Finally.

Breaky endorses Dotallyrad. Finally.

6 PM EST update: BaconCPK twitter hacked:


UPDATE AT 3:30 EST Gallery of Ryanc:

Ryanc goes big

Ryanc goes big


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