Gullin15: The MoonMeander of DotA 2 Cometh

He gives amazing speeches, like moon:

He speaks legitimate-totally-not-racist Chinese (probably the best video to watch if you only watch one):

He sings: 

Actually the entirety of that vod is a peak-gullin trainwreck and a great example of how not to play sf.

Any Female Viewers who want to give me advice on how to talk to women or just chat message me on Twitch or email me: [redacted] or contact a mod.

FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS! I Will try my best to answer them all in between que times and when I have free time while playing.

paypal: [redacted] if your in the mood to TIP ME! All the money goes straight to replacing my old and very dusty computer so I can stream for you guys at the Highest Quality 60 FPS :)


12-16 hours of daily practice with Matchmaking at the Highest Level or Scrims, for 6-7 Days a Week :)

General Info:

I am Captain of Dota 2 Team: Easy Game Easy Life, we are still recruiting new talent if interested message my username Gullin15 on or in my channel chat. I will show you how I lead various pub teams to victory, against all odds sometimes. I WILL DANCE AND ENTERTAIN YOU AFTER EVERY DESERVING VICTORY! I will also cry and troll you after every loss, but those are VERY Rare. Amazing Sound and Video Quality. MOST Entertaining stream for Dota 2. I have been playing for 10 years, decided now is the time I am ready to show my skills, I can play all the heroes and some of the at a World Class Professional Level as you will see! Please tune in offer advice and suggestions!

More Personal Info About Me:

Hello there, since the emergence of SC2, and the immense growth of the E-sports Industry the options available to gamers in North America has grown. I will be having tryouts everyday if there are enough people interested, and will definitely recruit talented people into my team for practice and scrims . I have been playing Dota and Dota 2 both combined for 10 years, and believe I possess the necessary strategical knowledge to draft winning lineups. Another quality of mine which has pushed me to make this decision, is my leadership skills, which I have always consistently tried to improve.

I will be streaming daily 12-16 hours 7 days a week, which I believe will help me refine my skills and knowledge of the game. During this time I will be taking viewers for Normal/Very High Matchmaking games, to prove my leadership skills and talent to my audience. Along with that each day I shall have a try out for my competitive Dota 2 team, as we are still looking for talented and High Skilled players to join! I am also a very smart and knowledgeable caster and will try to cast some games for my viewers, to help spread game-play information throughout the community.

If you are a supporter of the E-sports scene in general, or an avid Dota 2 fan please tune into my stream. I promise you will not be disappointed, and if that is not the case I will take suggestions on how to improve. My priority foremost is to entertain my viewers make them laugh, and happy whenever they decide to watch me. However, for those interested in High Competitive Dota 2 game-play you will not be disappointed. As I will consistently play at the Highest Level of Matchmaking and Scrim with Top level teams, barring availability issues for those teams. I will commentate my play, and try my best to educate my viewers on how to improve and give my thinking process behind my choices.

Feel free to ask any questions, in between que times and whenever I have any free time while playing I will do my best to answer each and everyone of them. Thank you again for taking the time to read my rant, its very much appreciated . I urge you to try my stream or give it small chance, everybody has a dream and this is mine,

Thank you, Gullin15

He Has A Rival

Typical viewer reaction to Gullin15 (NSFW):

This World Class Professional Level streamer could very well be worthy of our love and admiration that used to go towards Raven. See Gullin15 compete for $20 and the glorious title of Official Token DRD Streamer at the 1st Annual Tournament of Chumpions early 2013. Biden out.

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    • Ratface Rapier says:

      another autistic faggot for subhumans to worship.


      At least Moon was kinda good at the game. This guy is just fucking awful, autistic and unfunny.

    • biden says:

      Any Female Viewers who want to give me advice on how to talk to women or just chat message me on Twitch or email me or contact a mod.

    • Lilbitch says:

      Who publishes this garbage? Kid belongs in the dumpster.

    • Dchow says:

      man i would pay good money to see Kingraven vs Gullin 1v1 mid or see them queue in 1 game

    • GG says:


    • asdfjs says:

      Are you seriously comparing this kike to Moon?

      Moon is at least sociable. This guy is an awkward trainwreck. He’s that kid you’d make fun of in high school. You know, that kid who would do anything you told him to just to get a reaction?

      Fucking disgusting.

    • mops says:

      Another moon wannabe, why would anyone want to see someone like moon, we have moon because he is what he is, unique and doesn’t pretend to be like anyone, where the fuck is originality these days. Get this shit faced noname curry eater out of here.


      he looks like a indian version of steve urkel !

      he plays a mean sf mid gets dumpster and blames team

    • Angrybobs says:

      Moon is dead anyway

    • AKGPubstar says:

      NA once again confirmed for being the worst shit on earth

    • Rahul says:

      Nice chest pouding, hes a bad player btw

    • lol says:

      This makes me sad.

    • kinggayven says:

      who is biden

      sit down small son put that keyboard away i dont think youre ready for bigtime posting yet

    • Peachyvirgin says:

      I love how people say “RIPPING OFF MOON” when the gook took all his gimmicks from Jiggle.. Moon is an incredible faggot. Ripping off Moon makes you an incredible faggot. Someone drop an atom bomb on both these zipperheads.

    • qsdyuhwqihd says:

      This guy is garbage at Dota2.

    • Biatch says:

      This bitchass nigga is a copy of moon, nigga obviously watched moon stream, what a little bitch fucking shitty chink indian shit face dick wad bitch,

    • Dude says:

      I honestly thought he was autistic when I first watched his stream only to realize that he really is not. Aside from the racially offensive content during his Chinese accent (till this day he believes he has not done anything wrong) and also showing someone else’s junk on his stream, he is repeatedly shown to be highly abusive to his teammates in pub games. Quite frankly, I am not sure why Twitch has not banned him. A individual like this does not belong to the Dota community.

    • TwitchBanGullin says:

      This idiot also plays in normal mmr and lies about it saying his games are high/very mmr. People that expose this fact by checking his recent games actually get banned from his channel.. YES, twitch should totally ban this guy, beside the chinese incident he also made come racist comment about mexicans the other day.

      • HeMan says:

        Yeah, this guy is a liar. Just watched his stream, he claimed his higher rated account was not normal mmr. So checked his recent games and it was normal mmr. Talk about insecurity.

    • Gullin15 says:

      Gullin15 Here! All I got to say is man you guys CUT ME SO DEEEP! SO DEEEP! How will I ever stream tmmrw???? With all of these deep cuts that I have :(

    • Gullin15 says:

      Oh and also since kingraven no longer streams, can I be the featured streamer for dotally rad? I would appreciate it a ton and would find someway to repay you back for this favor! :)

    • tardstepking says:

      this dumpy fuck called himself the sidestep king and used the same music as speechmeander. this trashcan is nothing but a parasitic hemroid that steals other people’s personas and latches on to people ie: he calls himself merlini’s rival, when merlini doesnt even know who the fuck this pubdumpster is.


    • biden says:

      haha, this clown fucker has a comment in the trash trying to advertise his stream previously. get good ur nothin

    • showerpro says:

      …. speechless o_O

    • huber says:

      This guy is trying way too hard. Get this shit off DRD so he doesn’t get the attention he wants.

    • Umm Excuse me says:

      I think you guys need to know that Gullin15 is a math major and much of what he learned, he learned in the army. Gullin15 is captain of team ‘Legendary Nerds’ and is best solo mid player NA. Gullin previously made his fortune playing professional poker and was a Grandmaster of Starcraft 2. He has been playing DotA for ten years! Other than pro gaming, his hobbies are going to the clubs and wooing the ladies.

      -All stuff he has said sincerely. Guy is amazingly weird and so sad that I honestly can’t watch. It deadens my soul.

      You really should have tried to find and post the video where he gets Jeyo’s girlfriend to play with him and he’s sputtering and freaking out and has no idea what to do, so he challenges her to 1v1 mid and she beats him. He screams out in pain when he loses.

    • Gullin15 says:

      All you kids so jelly of me? Maybe one day you guys will be at my level. Twitch will never ban me, watch me get partnered soon. Twitch loves me, my fans love me, u mad jelly? :)

    • NerdAlert says:

      Not only is that kid ugly as fuck but he’s really unfunny. Moon would make me literally LOL at times. Watching made me feel bad that this kid was subjecting other people to his repetitive monologue and small plays.

    • GoldenArm says:


    • Monty says:

      Oh come on, Moon is not this pathetic

    • Beast says:

      get this pub dumpster Biden of this wall scrubbledubbledumpster

    • Beast says:


    • CWM says:


      Literally says “guys” every other word while he’s talking. Also, this guy is even worse than Moon.

    • Deluxe says:

      Rofl, Dangerousdan just took a massive dump on Limp live on Honcast.

      TDM Crushed by S2 staff 1v1 tournement.

    • swagbreaker says:

      fucking worst article I’ve seen on here in a quite a while

    • MadMeander says:



    The DRD Insult Generator says:

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