Guide to getting out of LQP with no effort

If youve been a bad bad boy,  like I have been, you’ll find yourself dumped into the LPQ for 5 games. At first, this seems painful, but this guide will let you effortlessly pass the time.


Step 1). Pick co-op bot match, and have the difficulty set to medium.


Step 2) Pick Furion

“get ready kids”

Step 3: Living on the Ledge:

Step 4: Go do something else, such as:

Getting Swole (actual furion player in LPQ)

Testimonial: My name is Gary. I used to be a small son before I used Kingraven’s Ledge Furion LPQ Guide to get swole. I used all that time between the 5 games to get swole out of my fucking mind. Now, when I rage, I can smash entire glass tables, or if I’m at a LAN, that lil Asian kid 3 rows away.

Take out the trash, or any other household choir

I managed to get all my Sunday cleaning done within one furion game. This is a great use of time.

Words of Warning: You’ll have to check back sometimes because Trolls can kill you with ranged attacks, so you’ll respawn at well and get an afl leave, thus starting the 5 game process over. Check back, move your hero around and chill out. It’s almost auto pilot way out of LPQ



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