Starcraft 2 is a laughably horrible piece of software

I  just felt like some more complaining, so here is my experience with the game:lolguyfromgladiator

  1. You can’t pick US west or US east server.  Is the difference between 70ms and 200ms delay important to you?  Then you actually have to go to Windows Resource Monitor, Network Activity, and keep checking the IP of your game when you host until it lands on 12.129 for us west or 12.130 for us east.
  2. You can’t rejoin a game if you drop.  What is this, 1995 and we’re playing Warcraft 2 on dialup modems again?  Nope, its Starcraft 2 and you can’t rejoin a game if you get dropped, but yes, you get to wait for 60 seconds on the “waiting for players” screen to see if they will come back.  THEY NEVER COME BACK.  LOL CLASSIC.  What a piece of crap.
  3. Software updater crashes EVERY TIME.  Every time I load SC2 it checks for updates and promptly crashes.  The only way to actually get into the game is for me to spamclick the launch button before the updater realizes its a piece of dogshit software and wants to crash.  LOL.  And you were thinking the us west/us east was the only MacGeiver bullshit we were going to have to pull to get this thing to be a functional gaming platform?
  4. Finagling shit to get a game started.  If you actually want to play team matchmaking you need to remake your party a few times and have your friends reconnect to SC2 a few times because it just never seems to work the first time.  People don’t see the invite, etc.  This software is just terrible.

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