Staygreen HoN drama uncovered: Highest rated drama on IMDB

slickz and khezu team up to take on the evilmelonz (he’s actually not wearing black just covered in shit but the camera was shitty)

Alright guys if you were unaware of the recent drama going on in HoN it’s probably because you were busy feeding in DotA2 or you’re just a noname public who should kill himself, but hold right there, put that shaving blade down, grab some popcorn & read this first.


Two big players of team staygreen sLiCKz and KheZu, left their team after swindlemelonz tried to keep 30% of their earnings from the GSL Thailand event. The whole shituation got so out of hand that they even had their parents involved in the drama and held a meeting over skype regarding the 30% tax bullshit swindle and zfreek pulled in trying to rob their money. They even claimed they got an accountant to manage all their money because “freedman”(lastname of swindle and zfreek) brains were too busy plotting on how to rob the 30% prize money. It all started when swindle, zfreek and chessie were planning on kicking slickz to replace him with limmp, they tried to convince khezu in kicking him but it backfired as khezu was a good friend of slickz and he immediately went into nostalgia remembering the nights they spent together on the same bed @ the sg house, but that’s a different story, so he decided to leave the team with slickz.


People who listened to sG skype casts knew how swindle would scream and shout like a virgin. Here’s a glimpse of it, this is just a small amount of rage, he had raged way harder in the sg skype casts which are deleted now.


JoshP drops the scoop on the swindlemelonzz HoN beef

This one’s a bit late as I was too busy with other shit, as many of you may know, JoshP started playing HoN again, a lot, and recently him and a friend or two started a small time In-house league (similar to ixdl but without the client) which was sponsored by S2 with casters and nerdy incentives like gold coins as prize. Basically, there were 3 brackets, one for the 1650+ dumpsters, second for the 1850+ “know it all’s” and third was the diamond bracket, for competitive players. They were giving away 4200 gold coins in total by the end of every month to most active nergins in their brackets. Here’s the link to that thread on HoN forums.



ROOTBlitz to take a big dive from his throne

A powerful organization like DRD needs a man on the other side.

When it comes to ROOTBlitz’s viewer base, an obese hairy ape fits right in. It was almost too easy for me. Kid was yuckin’ it up on stream as Juggernaut mid with his stacked nerd buddies in a pubtrain, the mere sight of which would slam KingRaven straight into a rage-induced coma.

Now, I’m sure you kids remember that small time streamer Blitz, captain of ROOT gaming’s Dota 2 squad, a supposedly professional outfit. Root gaming, with their T-shirt sponsorship and that filthy slob Athene were lookin’ like potential underdog upstarts, ready to kick it all the way to the International 2. No-name Blitz had big shit to talk about the King, probably citing his countless big victories at major tournaments, his massive $2.24 hourly wage dwarfing whatever peanuts we’re all sure the King makes. The King’s undeniable slamming did nothing to dissuade the fans, as the scum was seeping out of the woodwork and starting a shitstorm in the comments section.

A quick bit of freelance detective work on Google reveals a photo of one William “Blitz” Lee on the Ace lessons site. Huge mistake, fat son. Bask in his presence, unworthy sons:


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