compLexity gaming picks up old tdM roster


Ever since Tralfamadore left tdM things haven’t been looking right, they tried out several players like Chessie, Ensoe but right now compLexity gaming has picked up the old tdM roster as confirmed by tdM manager battlehands earlier about compLexity making the roster a better offer.


I am so excited to be back in HoN.  We have been talking to these guys for quite some time and firmly believe in their character and skill.  We look forward to big things from this #1 rated team

              – Jason Bass, COO of compLexity.

So the new compLexity gaming HoN roster is


The Greatest Moment Ever Streamed in HoN (Bkid vs Ensoe 2.0 on

[youtube Btd2HQf_jnE]

Bkid benches Yoda from Load and brings in Pokedex

After a particularly rough inhouse, bkid started raging at Yoda on the mic and said he felt bad for putting Pokedex on the bench.  Looks like Pokedex is in and Yoda is out!  You heard it here from Dotally Rad first.

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